Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Underwear of Fortitude

So, I got out today for some of these SST Intervals. It definitely required me to HTFU and I could have used some of this so called underwear of fortitute that Goats was talking about. I did man up for 75 min. of riding though by the end I was having trouble braking and shifting because my hands were so called. Also, I had the joy of being thirsty since the water froze in the nozzle of my bottle. All in all I did feel awfully manly when I was done my workout. Hopefully it will be a tad warmer for Saturday's long ride.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Training Begins Tomorrow!

I am finally starting my training tomorrow and I can't wait. When I started my time off from the bike three weeks ago I was so glad to be away from it. Last season was great but it was a long one.

Yet this past week I could hardly keep my hands off my bike. I cleaned it the last two days and before that I was finishing up writing my training plan for the next several months. I'm hoping this plan will fix my extreme lack of power generation in efforts over a massive ten minutes (maybe less)! This will be the first year that I will be trying to stick to a training plan. Hearing Tim, Scott and Hunter at the Peaks presentation got me thinking that I really should try one out. It should be interesting and I am excited to see if I can get myself to ride 15 to 20 hour weeks repeatedly. Yet the thought of not only upgrading to a Cat II but also doing well in a 1/II/III race is an excellent motivator.

I even rode the rollers tonight to make sure I hadn't forgotten how but only for five minutes (I'm trying not to ruin my plan before it even begins). I put the rollers between my door frame and really only had to shoulder the door a few times to stay upright (success)

Oh and I saw this picture today - perfect technique

next friday's road skills practice

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the new ship cycling website

Yup. New. Shiny and new.

If you haven't yet, mosey on over and take a look.

Suggestions for improvement? I'd love to hear them.

Want to link to the site? Please use

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cycles of life


For background on the film, visit Vimeo or CyclingTips...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what I do to stay warm in the winter

It hasn't really gotten cold yet in south-central pee-aay, but it's a 'coming...and so are the questions on how to stay warm.

Yesterday, I got a note from a friend asking how I keep my package warm when it gets cold--bibs and tights, just tights, two pairs of tights? I figured I'd share my response, along with some other cold-weather riding tips and just what-I-do sorts of things.

Everyone has to figure out what works for them, which is to say there won't be a universal right way to stay warm, but I think it's helpful to learn what those who have ridden through more than a few winters have learned.


On keeping male genitalia warm when cold-weather riding...

To start, I don’t have any padded tights. I always wear bib shorts under everything. When it’s cold enough to warrant, I pull on a pair of tights over them. Except that I cut all my tights off mid-shin, so I guess that makes them knickers.

I have two pair of knickers—one that’s not that warm, which I wear when it’s about 35-45 degrees out, and another that I wear when it’s colder. If it’s REALLY cold, like less than 25 degrees, I wear a modified pair of hiking pants over whatever else.

When it gets to freezing or below, I don’t leave home without my anatomically trimmed patch of fleece. I cut it from some old fabric I had lying around and, when it’s cold, I just stuff it down my shorts, wrapping my package in the warm, soft, comfy texture of 200 weight fleece.

It’s really the best solution I’ve found. My genitals never get cold when I have that thing in place.

There are other possible solutions. Craft makes a brief with a WindStopper patch on the front that you supposedly wear under everything. I think that would work ok, but I don’t like wearing underwear under my shorts in the winter not so much because of discomfort (though that's a concern), but because the extra fabric makes my butt all sweaty. And sweat, when it’s cold, should be avoided when possible. So if the fleece patch doesn’t appeal to you, I’d consider taking a look at the Craft brief. (Craft makes super stellar winter wear. IMO, Craft, Icebreaker, and maybe Patagonia are THE top-of-the-line in respect to cold-weather athletic wear.)

On keeping legs warm when cold-weather riding...

I'm a dedicated knee-warmer fan. Such a great piece of cold weather gear. If it's under 65 and cloudy, I've probably got my knee-warmers on. If it's under 60, they're on. When it’s cold enough to put my knickers on, it’s over the knee warmers. And I have several pair—those that are just lycra, and others that are fleece-lined.

As I said above, I always wear a pair of bib shorts under everything. When it gets down to about 45, I pull my lightweight knickers on over my bibs and thin knee warmers. When it gets cold enough that I want my shins covered (35 degrees or so), I wear tall socks.

My leg-covering strategy by approximate temperature ranges:

55-65: bibs + thin knee-warmers

48-55: bibs + fleece-lined knee-warmers

38-48: bibs + thin knee-warmers + thin knickers

20-35: bibs + thin knee-warmers (sometimes fleece-lined warmers) + warm knickers + tall socks

under 32: everything else + fleece genital cozy

under 20: everything else + specially modified hiking pants

On keeping feet warm when cold-weather riding...

Shoe covers are of course critical when the temperature drops down into the 40s. Sometimes they also make sense even when it's a bit warmer. Nice neoprene numbers are the best because they're waterproof.

However, the single best cold-weather gear purchase I’ve made in the past five years are my winter riding shoes. I have the Shimano MW80s. Such. A. Good. Idea.

I got mtb (as opposed to road) winter shoes because they’re much more versatile. They work well when mountain biking, obviously, but if I want to wear them on my road bike I just move my pedals over. Mine are a size bigger than my usual riding shoe size so I can wear a thicker sock and still have a little room in there. A too-tight shoe makes for blood circulation problems which accentuates cold-weather feet-warming issues.

If it’s really cold (less than 25 degrees), and I’m going to be out for more than two hours, I’ll put shoe covers over them. But really, I’ve found the problem with keeping feet warm on a bike in the really cold is the negative heat transfer from your cold metal crank and pedal to the sole of your shoe. Shoe covers do nothing to solve that issue. So if my feet get cold in 20 degree weather I find I just need to get off and walk a few minutes and they’ll warm right back up. This is of course easier in mtb shoes than in road shoes.

On keeping the torso warm when cold-weather riding...

Keeping your torso warm is a good deal about managing sweat and wind. I've found that when heading out for a long winter ride I'm going to sweat a lot more in the first, say, 60-90 minutes than I am the rest of the ride. So I like to bring along a spare base layer. After 90 minutes or so I strip off my sweaty wet one and put on the fresh dry one. Or just take the sweaty base layer off and then put everything else back on. Makes all the difference in the world.

Bulking up with extra layers is less important than making sure you've got a good wind shield in the front. So a good wind vest with rear ventilation is critical.

I've found that with our new (last year) Shippensburg jackets that it's so warm I don't want to put it on until the temperature drops well below 40 degrees, and then with just a base layer under. But I always bring along a vest, and if I get cold later, I either swap out base layers (for a dry one) or put on my vest under the jacket, or both. I can go a long way in 30 degree weather using this strategy.

On keeping your head warm during cold-weather riding...

When it gets down to 50 or so I like to throw on a thin hat or ear-covering thing (actually, I used to do the ear-covering thing, but now I only do hats). I have low tolerance for cold ears, so I keep them covered.

When it gets below freezing, you might benefit from wearing a balaclava. I find, however, that keeping a nice full beard does the job and balaclavas often leave me over-heated.

When it’s under 30 degrees I usually wear ski goggles right over my helmet. This works surprisingly well. I've found goggles make an amazing difference in keeping your entire face/head warm. A skullcap + goggles keeps my head much more comfortable than a balaclava + sunglasses, but I generally pack along an extra balaclava when it's cold just in case. Goggles + balaclava makes your head virtually impenetrable to cold, which I've found advantageous when it's cold, the wind is blowing, and, if that wasn't enough, it starts to snow.

On keeping your hands warm during cold-weather riding...

This one is easy: wear gloves.

Really, it's that easy. If your hands are cold your gloves aren't thick enough. Ski gloves work best.

I've also found leather work gloves to work really, really well until about 32 degrees. And leather work gloves are an awful lot more economical than fancy full-fingered winter cycling gloves.

Now, if your hands do get cold when you're out riding, it helps to windmill your arms several times really fast to push the blood out to your finger tips. When people first see this trick they're generally skeptical, but then they try it and they believe. Trust me, it works.


Well, I think that about covers it. Have your own cold-weather riding tip? Post away if you're not afraid...

Friday, October 22, 2010

2011 custom ship gear

Basic black (default kit colors):

Snazzy white (alternate kit colors):

They're bad pictures, I know, but you'll get the general idea. The "boat logos" on the sleeves will be straightened out so that they align horizontally with the cuff. And the jerseys will also be plastered with our sponsors, so be prepared for that.

What sponsor logos will be on the jersey? I'm glad you asked:

(1) Sunrise Computers & Electronics, prominently on the front/back, billboard-style beneath the SHIP banner.

(2) The Carlisle Group, one shoulder on the back above the SHIP banner.

(3) Mountainside Ski & Sport, other shoulder and back pocket.

(4) Wertner Signs, back pocket.

Want one? Get in touch. We'd love to sell you one.

(Custom bibs, wind vests, and winter jackets also available. Vests and jackets will have no sponsorship logos--just SU stuff.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

the (almost) half world championships, 2010

It's back. The (Almost) Half World Championships, 2010.

Saturday, September 25, 9:00 am.

Last year was so much fun (more fun), we've decided to do it again. Bigger (more people) and better (fewer miles) than last time.

Here's the course (a link to interactive map, below a picture):

The course is 8.8 miles long with just under 750 ft of climbing. To encourage participation, we'll do SEVEN laps, for a total of 62 miles. Don't want to ride 62 miles? Just come anyway. Do what you want. Enjoy the fun.

We start at the corner of Strohm and Chestnut Grove (search for 190 Strohm Rd, Shippensburg, PA).

Special prizes for the first finishers and last finishers.

You. Could. Be. The. (Almost.) Half. Champion. Of. The. World!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shippensburg University Cycling Hosts Youth Bike Rodeo

For Immediate Release:

Shippensburg University Cycling Announces Youth Bike Rodeo

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania – September 16, 2010 – On Friday, September 24, 2010, Shippensburg University Cycling will host the Fourth Semi-Annual Spring/Fall Youth Bike Rodeo. Intended for children in Kindergarten through fifth grades, the event will include activities such as helmet fitting, minor bicycle maintenance, bicycle fitting, safety tips, and a skills-testing obstacle course. The event begins at 4:30 pm and will continue until 6:00 pm.

The rodeo will be held on the Shippensburg University campus, in the parking lot between the student recreation fields and the Luhrs Performing Arts Center. While there will be no adult specific activities, parents are encouraged to stay and participate. All participants should bring a bicycle and wear a helmet.

This event builds off the success of previous SU Cycling Team sponsored youth bike rodeos. Thirty to forty children participated in each event.

About Shippensburg University Cycling: Shippensburg University Cycling is organized as a university club sport. The mission of Shippensburg University Cycling is to promote cycling socially as well as to prepare athletes for collegiate competition. In 2009-2010, Ship Cycling boasted 28 members, 10 of which competed in at least one USA Cycling sanctioned race, accounting for 60 rider race days in total.

Ship Cycling competes in road and mountain bike events in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference ( under the auspices of USA Cycling ( The team is funded by the University Student Senate as well as the generous support of area businesses including Sunrise Computers and Electronics (, The Carlisle Group (, Historic Preservation Services (, Mountainside Ski & Sport ( and Wertner Signs (

The team holds regular training rides, open to all area cyclists, in the rural farmland and mountainous terrain of Cumberland and Franklin Counties.

For more information on the Shippensburg University Cycling Team, please contact Nathan Goates, faculty advisor (, Matt Conroy, club president (, or visit our blog at


Dr. Nathan Goates

Shippensburg University


# # #

september starlight circle race #3

A post-action blurry iPhone shot of the crew, minus one.

We had a total of nine riders last night (Zach was too occupied with his intervals to pose for the picture), a good showing. But the race was sort of weird...

Props to Brian for showing up and riding his 40 lb 26" wheeled wunderbike. We'll get this kid rolling on a library bike and he'll feel like he was shot out of a cannon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grass Track this Tuesday!!

When: 6pm Tuesday August 10, 2010
Where: The park at Hershey rd/Neil Rd and Airport Road

What: Grass Track
Grass track is like velodrome style racing, but on a short grass oval. A good activity to get in some short, high intensity racing. Plus its a lot of fun to try all the different kinds of track racing events. You don't need any special bike to race, anything willl work: road bike, cross bike, mountain bike, trike....anything! Come out and play.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hagerstown Crit

Jon, Goatsause, and I attended the Hagerstown Challenge Crit a couple weekends ago. I found a helmet cam from our race so I decided to link it:

You can see me a few times in my MU Kit (Yellow) and you can see the crash that caused Jon to go off the road and over the curb (unharmed) but blowing out a tube and busting up his front wheel.

Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 summer smackdown round two...RESULTS

Eighteen riders came out Wednesday night to contest the second round of the 2010 South Mountain Summer Smackdown.

Wednesday's event was a 22-mile road race, a route that followed Pine Grove Rd southwest from Pine Grove Furnace SP to Shippensburg Rd, over the Piney Mountain Ridge, then northwest along Wenksville and Coon Rds, back over the mountain on Pine Grove Furnace/Bendersville Rd, and finishing with 1.5 hilly miles back to Laurel Lake.

There were a few half-hearted attempts at attacks and breaking away on the route out Pine Grove Rd and back again on Wenksville, but nothing proved decisive until the Bendersville Rd climb. Brian (YBR) and Chris (YBR guest rider) put in short digs on the lower slopes of the climb that were easily marked by 2M (Ship Cycling). Though the gap hadn't grown to more than a few bike lengths, the goat recovered his sauce, moved up to and passed the earlier aggressors and, with 2M on his wheel, countered with a move that would see the rest of the field distanced and eventually fighting for third place.

"Brian has been climbing really well lately, so when I saw Brian and 2M with a little gap, I thought I'd be watching them duke it out for the win from behind," the good Dr. Goatesauce said after the race. "But when I'd recovered from the initial surge and worked my way back to Brian I saw that he'd blown and realized the time was now, so I rode around him and with Mike on my wheel I just gave it all I had."

All he had was enough, the effort soon left 2M behind and Dr. Goatesauce had 75 yards over the summit. From there it was just a matter of keeping his head down until the finish.

Behind, however, the strung-out riders regrouped and put in a good-faith effort at catching 2M, who survived the sprint for second place by only half a wheel. Brian, Scott (SMVC), and Pete (Ship Cycling) rounded out the top five, an excellent result for the novice Ship Cycling rider.

Individual results:

(1) Dr. Goatesauce (Ship Cycling)
(2) Mike Maret (Ship Cycling)
(3) Brian Hopkins (YBR)
(4) Scott (SMVC)
(5) Pete L. (Ship Cycling)
(6) Pat Hankins (SMVC)
(7) Chris Flegal (YBR guest rider)
(8) Jere Ballard (SMVC)
(9) Joe Kaehler (SMVC)
(10) Rider Big E (Ship Cycling)
(11) Tim Rohrbaugh (SMVC)
(12) Paul P. (YBR)
(13) Jim Hartnett (SMVC)
(14) Chop (Ship Cycling)
(15) John (YBR guest rider)
(16) Rich Shaffer (SMVC)

Donna Wiser was also out, though she didn't quite ride with the group so all I can say definitively is that she was the first female finisher.

Dan Daly started with us, but then took a circuitous route back to the finish, more to watch the action than to compete, methinks.

Team results:

(1) Ship Cycling (1+2+5 = 8)
(2) SMVC (4+6+8 = 18)
(3) YBR (3+7+12 = 22)

Official team standings after round two:

(1) SMVC 8 pts
(1) Ship Cycling 8 pts
(3) YBR 1 pts

Good times!

(See you next Wednesday for round three: the South Mountain hill climb.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

starlight circle race #5 (june 23)

Fun to have Bri-Hop join us for the fun (though not fun that I couldn't drop him, try as I did). Many happy returns...

Also awesome to have the flegal eagle with us again. He broke his bike on Sunday and still found a way to make it.

D Grace had to work. 2M was playing with a girl, so he was excused. But Chop, Cody, and Zach...would have liked to see y'all...

Results from Round 5:

(1) jonny m, 25 pts
(2) bri-hop, 20 pts
(3) dr goatesauce, 16 pts
(4) chris, the flegal eagle, 13 pts
(5) jimmy, 11 pts

Combined point standings after five rounds:

(1) dr goatesauce, 93 pts
(2) 2m, 90 pts
(3) jonny m, 70 pts
(4) jimmy, 42 pts
(5) d grace, 39 pts
(6) conroy, 32 pts
(7) chris, the flegal eagle, 26 pts
(8) bri-hop, 20 pts
(9) kelly flantastic, 19 pts
(10) co-dee, 11 pts
(11) su track & cc runner whose-name-I-can't-remember, 11 pts
(12) brad, 11 pts

Women's standings after three rounds:

(1) kelly flantastic, 50 pts

Next round: Not sure. On the next three Wednesdays we've rounds two, three, and four of the South Mountain Summer Smackdown scheduled, so we probably won't pick up the Starlight Circle Races again until after all that wraps up. At least, that's my thinking. I could be persuaded otherwise.

See you next week at the Smackdown RR!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

starlight circle race #4 (june 2)

Kind of a sad showing for round four. And we even had a new-comer drive all the way from Mechanicsburg.

Nonetheless, it was pretty exciting race. For the second week in a row it ended in a four-up spring. Had Chop and D-grace been there we'd had quite a race.


Round 5 on JUNE 23rd! (Postponed one week...because I'll be out of town on the 16th, and to get nestled in the off week from the Ironmasters.)


Results from Round 4:

(1) jonny m, 25 pts
(2) 2m, 20 pts
(3) dr goatesauce, 16 pts
(4) chris, the flegal eagle, 13 pts
(5) co-dee, 11 pts

Combined point standings after four rounds:

(1) 2m, 90 pts
(2) dr goatesauce, 77 pts
(3) jonny m, 45 pts
(4) d grace, 39 pts
(5) conroy, 32 pts
(6) jimmy, 31 pts
(7) kelly flantastic, 19 pts
(8) chris, the flegal eagle, 13 pts
(9) co-dee, 11 pts
(10) su track & cc runner whose-name-I-can't-remember, 11 pts
(11) brad, 11 pts

Women's standings after three rounds:

(1) kelly flantastic, 50 pts

Next round: Wednesday, June 2, 9:30 pm!

2010 summer smackdown round one...RESULTS

Last Thursday saw 14 riders throwing down on the Ironmasters TT course...competing for summer club pride. The event was enough to inspire several PRs (I know of at least four) and bring out at least a couple of newcomers.

Individual results:

(1) Pat H. SMVC 23:09
(2) Dr. G Ship 23:18
(3) Brian H. YBR 24:09
(4) Tim R. SMVC 24:53
(5) Jere B. SMVC 25:08
(6) Joe K. SMVC 25:17
(7) Paul P. YBR 25:25
(8) Jon M. Ship 25:30
(9) Jim H. SMVC 26:17
(10) Chris Lost Boys 26:21
(11) Rich S. SMVC 26:51
(12) Pete L. Ship 27:26
(13) Chop Ship 28:40
(14) Gary K. 29:54

Congrats to SMVC and Ship Cycling for fielding full teams. Sorry, YBR, only two riders disqualifies you from team scoring.

Team results:

(1) Pat H. SMVC 23:09
(2) Dr. G Ship 23:18
Brian H. YBR 24:09
(3) Tim R. SMVC 24:53
(4) Jere B. SMVC 25:08
(5) Joe K. SMVC 25:17
Paul P. YBR 25:25
(6) Jon M. Ship 25:30
Jim H. SMVC 26:17
Chris Lost Boys 26:21
(7) Rich S. SMVC 26:51
(8) Pete L. Ship 27:26
(9) Chop Ship 28:40
Gary K. 29:54

SMVC 1+3+4 = 8
Ship Cycling 2+6+8 = 16

Official team standings after round one:

SMVC 5 pts
Ship 3 pts
YBR 0 pts
Lost Boys 0 pts

ROUND TWO: Pine Grove RR, Wednesday, June 30 (rain date July 1). Meet at the Laurel Lake parking lot.


In case you can't get enough, I proposed the following alternative team scoring strategy, but it was nixed for simplicity's sake. The order of overall results would be the same, the difference being that incomplete teams would also score points, in accord with the following complicated scoring algorithm.

Say you've got 20 riders that come out one evening. The worst score a three-rider team could get is 18+19+20 = 57. An incomplete team is awarded points such that it must get a worse score than even the worst performing complete team (to award participation), but could still get on the board and compete with other incomplete teams. Incomplete teams would be assigned one or two "ghost riders" that score one point worse than the last placed rider, in this case, 21, PLUS they are given a penalty so that they couldn't score more than the worst complete team, in this case, 57.

So...if there are 20 people that show up for an event, and only one rider from team Hot Shots, and that rider places first, the team scores 1 + 21 + 21 + 15 (penalty) = 58. That way the team is still in the standings, but they're obviously going to lose over any team that has three riders.

If there are 20 people and the first two riders are from team Hot Shots, the team scores 1 + 2 + 21 + 34 (penalty) = 58.

If we did it that way, the results for Thursday would look like this:

(1) Pat H. SMVC 23:09
(2) Dr. G Ship 23:18
(3) Brian H. YBR 24:09
(4) Tim R. SMVC 24:53
(5) Jere B. SMVC 25:08
(6) Joe K. SMVC 25:17
(7) Paul P. YBR 25:25
(8) Jon M. Ship 25:30
(9) Jim H. SMVC 26:17
(10) Chris Lost Boys 26:21
Rich S. SMVC 26:51
(11) Pete L. Ship 27:26
(12) Chop Ship 28:40
(13) Gary K. 29:54

One rider penalty = (11 + 12 + 13) - (1 + 14 + 14) + 1 = 8

Two rider penalty = (11 + 12 + 13) - (1 + 2 + 14) + 1 = 20


SMVC score = 1 + 4 + 5 = 10
Ship score = 2 + 8 + 11 = 21
YBR score = 3 + 7 + 14 + 20 = 44
Lost Boys score = 10 + 14 + 14 + 8 = 46
Gary K. team score = 13 + 14 + 14 + 8 = 49


SMVC 25 pts
Ship 20 pts
YBR 16 pts
Lost Boys 13 pts
Gary K team 11 pts

Y'all should see my grade book. I just can't help but make things complicated.

2010 south mountain summer smackdown

(Should have posted this a couple weeks ago. Posted now for record-keeping's sake. And the calendar.)


Back for 2010, it's the battle of South Mountain (or something similarly grandiose and awe-inspiring)!

o^o o^o o^o

Yup, this summer, like last summer, Ship Cycling is going to collaborate with South Mountain Velo and Yellow Breeches Racing for the 2010 SMVC/YBR/Ship Cycling Summer Smackdown. This is how it works:

There are FOUR events, an individual time trial, a road race (its only like 23 miles or something), a hill climb to Big Flat, and, new this year, a team time trial.

Each event is scored kind of like a cross country meet. Each team's first three riders to finish score points for the team. The fourth and fifth riders displace the points riders from other teams would score. Additional riders are excluded from team scoring. Lowest point total wins.

So, say the first four riders that finish an event are Ship Cycling and the next three riders that finish are South Mountain. Ship Cycling would score 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 points for their first three finishers. Fourth place is Ship Cycling; he doesn't score any points, but he pushes South Mountain riders down the scale so they score more points. South Mountain would score 5 + 6 + 7 = 18 points. 6 < 18 so Ship Cycling wins.

Even though it's billed as a competition between the three area clubs, EVERYONE IS INVITED! Others can form their own teams (I'm campaigning for Lost Boys to send a contingent) or just vie for individual glory. Non-team riders displace the points teams would earn.

HERE'S THE CALENDAR (everything subject to change):

** Thurs, June 3, 6:00 pm - individual time trial. YBR hosts. Meet at the campground on Pine Grove Rd about five miles north of Pine Grove Furnace SP. (This is the regular Ironmasters TT, hosted by the much loved and probably underappreciated Mark Laser.)

** Wed, June 30 (rain date: July 1), 6:00 pm - road race. Ship Cycling hosts. Meet at Pine Grove Furnace SP. The parking lot by the reservoir. (Probably the same course that we did last year--south on 233, left on Shippensburg Rd, left on Wenksville, left on Coon, left on Bendersville Rd, right on Pine Grove Rd. Probably the same course... It's negotiable.)

** Wed, July 7 (rain date: July 8), 6:00 pm - South Mountain hill climb. SMV hosts. Meet at Southhampton Township Park. (Mass start hill climb up the seven-some miles from Cleversburg to Big Flat.)

** Wed, July 15, time tbd -- team time trial. Dan Daly hosting. (Not sure on the details yet. Probably we'll run this on Route 174, Dan's normal time trial route--for those of you to whom that means anything--from a few miles south of Carlisle to a few miles short of Shippensburg and back again. 40k. We'll have to do this a little later in the day so as to not have to fight traffic, but probably by 7:00 pm we should be fine. We also have to agree on rules, but there's plenty of time for those mundane details...)


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

starlight circle race #3 (may 19)

Well, as tomorrow is race #4, I suppose I ought to write something up about race #3, eh? But now that it's been two weeks my memory is getting fuzzy. (If someone else would like to take over posting results, by all means...)

The standout performance of the night came from relative newcomer D-Grace. He's been on a bike for what, maybe one month, and he's wholly capable of keeping pace with the leaders and even throwing down for the sprint on the last lap. Very impressive. Just makes the fun that much more fun.

The glory of the night, however, belonged to 2M, who lengthened his slender lead (being tied on points with dr goatsauce) by taking the sprint in a photo finish over Jonny M. The not-so-saucy goat limped in for third with D-Grace right behind. Ship track and cross country runner whose-name-I-can't-remember followed with an impressive gap over nighttime race veteran Jimmy S. (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone...)

Results from Round 3:

(1) 2m, 25 pts
(2) jonny m, 20 pts
(3) dr goatesauce, 16 pts
(4) d grace, 13 pts
(5) su track & cc runner whose-name-I-can't-remember, 11 pts
(6) jimmy, 10 pts

Combined point standings after three rounds:

(1) 2m, 70 pts
(2) dr goatesauce, 61 pts
(3) d grace, 39 pts
(4) conroy, 32 pts
(5) jimmy, 31 pts
(6) jonny m, 20 pts
(7) kelly flantastic, 19 pts
(8) su track & cc runner whose-name-I-can't-remember, 11 pts
(8) brad, 11 pts

Women's standings after three rounds:

(1) kelly flantastic, 50 pts

Next round: Wednesday, June 2, 9:30 pm!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 eccc road survey

If you haven't seen the 2010 ECCC Road Survey results, check them out.

Note that Ship Cycling finished second in the vote for best kits. Awesome. (And congrats to Chop and 2M, who designed them.) The second place finish is all the more noteworthy for our having received more votes than we had voters. (I don't know how many of you voted--if I were to guess, I'd guess zero--but I know it was less than 14.)

And that bit about that UVM guy's road-converted mtb?

Very cool. I'm inspired.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

now that's bike racing...

Such an awesome stage of the Giro today. Crazy awesome. Awesome as in I'm awe-struck.

No spoilers... You'll have to watch it. (You really should. At least the last two videos.)

I wish I looked like that at the end of bike races. So awesome...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bit by a racoon

What E would look like if he were riding the Giro. (Focus on the mouth.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

starlight circle race #2 (may 5)

The action was hot at the Cinco de Mayo edition of the Starlight Circle Race last night. Word must be getting out because last night we had spectators. Six of them--five humans and one dog.

The night belonged to 2M. Not wanting to disappoint the crowd, 2M opened fire immediately after the mandated three lap warm-up period. A gap opened and a three-man chase (Brad, Conroy, and the Goater) formed. The gap held at around five to six seconds for most of the race, 2M reasonably motivated to hold his lead and the chase group, slowing dwindling in numbers (Brad was the first to fall off the pace, then Conroy), not super motivated to reel him in.

"Our plan was to let him dangle out there," said a unenthusiastic Goater afterward. "If we caught him within two laps to go that would be perfect. Although we weren't planning on a 'catch,' but blow-right-past humiliation."

But the catch apparently came too soon--with three laps to go--because no one "blew right past" anyone, until the finishing stretch, where a recovered 2M asserted his dominance with a furious finishing sprint and won by two dozen bike lengths.

Results from Round 2:

(1) 2m, 25 pts
(2) dr goatesauce, 20 pts
(3) conroy, 16 pts
(4) d grace, 13 pts
(5) brad, 11 pts
(6) jimmy, 10 pts
(7) kelly flantastic, 9 pts

Women's results:

(1) kelly flantastic, 25 pts

Combined point standings after two rounds:

(1) 2m, 45 pts
(1) dr goatesauce, 45 pts
(3) conroy, 32 pts
(4) d grace, 26 pts
(5) jimmy, 21 pts
(6) kelly flantastic, 19 pts
(7) brad, 11 pts

Women's standings after two rounds:

(1) kelly flantastic, 50 pts

The podium:

The DNF pile (there was something about some stupid track meet):

Two-thirds of our spectators:

See y'all again on the 19th!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Qualified for Nationals!

Mike and I qualified for the nationals road race which is next Friday in Wisconsin. I guess Mike isn't going to make it due to shrinking lungs but I have decided to make the trek instead of walking on graduation. It's a sweet excuse to miss graduation.

Who's pumped for the meeting tomorrow night! and the bike rodeo Friday... SHIP

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I remember the results!

I remember the results from the last twilight crit!

Winner: ME (JON M)

I still have the yellow jersey which Dr. Goates needs since he is the current leader. Unless he has a new one because I have it framed in my room with my other leader jerseys. Well it could be in the living room or kitchen, I just have so many framed I can't remember where they all are. It might even be in the bathroom or basement or...

Friday, April 23, 2010

starlight circle race #1 (apr 21)

Shippensburg nighttime racing is back and oh how fun it is. Moonlight. Cool air. Freaky shadows. So much fun.

A few laps in a Mike Maret that had hitherto been uncharacteristically grumpy (even for Mike) rolled up beside me and said something about loving to race at night. I agree.


Six riders came out for the inaugural race in the 2010 Starlight Circle Race Series, Kelly and Dillon riding the loop for the first time.

We kept it tight for the first several laps, warming up, working on our paceline skillz, until 2M got antsy and shot off the front with an over-the-shoulder look that just dared us to try to keep up.

Things quickly exploded after that. Mike and I traded punches at the front (mostly me attacking every other lap or so and Mike easily keeping on my wheel). Conroy and Dillon worked well together just behind. Jimmy kindly rode clean up (sacrificing himself to clear any stray water bottles or power bars that might have been dislodged in the heat of battle). Meanwhile, Kelly dominated the women's field.

With about five laps to go, Mike caught me napping and got a little gap. I let him keep it, for a lap or so, then charged around him with what I hoped was enough speed that he wouldn't be able to hold my wheel. It worked. I was lucky. (I'm sure he won't let me do it again.) And despite Mike recruiting the help of a lapped Conroy, I held on through the last three laps for the W.

Don't let this old man run away with the thing. That isn't the story you want to tell your kids.

Combined Gender Standings After Round #1:

(1) dr goatesauce, 25 pts
(2) 2m, 20 pts
(3) conroy, 16 pts
(4) d grace, 13 pts
(5) jimmy, 11 pts
(6) kelly flantastic, 10 pts

Women's Standings After Round #1

(1) kelly flantastic, 25 pts


Note the new scoring scheme. Rather than the Fibonacci sequence deal we used in September, I've elected to use a more traditional points scale which awards points to the top 15 riders (it seems unlikely we'll ever have more than 15 riders) like this: 25, 20, 16, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.


By my count there are five riders who wanted to be there who weren't for some reason. If we can get a few non-students there, we could easily be running fields of 12-15.


I was looking at the standings from the 2009 September Starlight Criterium Series (same course, four rounds) and I'm not sure who came out on top. After three rounds the points looked like this:

(1) Mike Maret, 16.5 pts
(2) goatesauce, 16 pts
(3) Jon Marshall, 13.5 pts
(4) Matt C. (Chop), 11 pts
(5) Matt Conroy, 3 pts
(6) Cody Wertz, 3 pts
(7) Alex Krayo, 1 pt
(8) Kevin Melnick, 1 pt

Does anyone remember how it ended?


Round #2 of the Starlight Circle Race Series is scheduled for Wednesday, May 5, 9:30 pm. Cinco de Mayo, baby.

That said, if there's interest--especially from the folks who will be leaving us over the summer--to throw in one more round next week, Wednesday, April 28, I'm game.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New TT Shoes...

So we budgeted for these next year... right?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dr. Goates invades South Park

Referring back to Jon's post:

I think I have spotted Dr. Goates in the latest South Park episode, what do you think?

Let's examine the picture:

  • Dr. Goates' body type
  • Chest hair (hard to see in the photo)
  • 5 o'clock shadow
  • Definitely the same hair!
  • Eyebrows...

Despite being a little too tan... I think we can successfully say Dr. Goates has been in a Gamefly commercial and has worked his way into a South Park episode. This is a fun game... "Find the Goates!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

too quiet

Things seem to have quieted down on the blog just a little too much. Everyone's racing, there's drama all around with crashes and ovalized bottom brackets and a result here and there...where's the chatter?

In an effort to spice things up a bit, I'll give y'all a snapshot view of the trophy I took home this weekend:

This picture was taken after I got all cleaned up, obviously. Immediately after the injury it was much more exciting. My eye socket was completely filled with blood, I had sweet blood streaks down my cheek, and I've still dark red splatter spots sprinkled on my top and down tubes. My DNA is everywhere.

The story: Went to play on Saturday in Zach's Michaux Mash--a four-hour mountain bike race on a nine-mile loop of Michaux's worst (that's not true--there is much, much worse). For those that don't know, endurance mountain bike events are often timed. Riders try to run as many laps as possible within the time limit. The rider with the most laps wins. Or the rider that finishes the most laps in the least amount of time wins.

My accident occurred after I went over the bars in a particularly rough section of trail just 30 minutes in. Scraped up helmet, broken sun glasses, slightly dented top tube, and a cut on the forehead. I immediately began bleeding everywhere. I had to take a few minutes to stop the bleeding and assess how bad I was hurt. After five or six minutes the cut stopped bleeding, I felt ok--if maybe a little deflated--so I figured I'd soldier on. I rode another 3 1/2 hours and finished (I think) 10th in the under 40.

The gash above my eye was cool and all, but through the course of the ride I also rubbed the tip off my left nipple. (Sorry, no photo.) Frankly, that hurt a lot more. Couldn't hardly shower afterward, the pain of water spraying on my chest just a little more than I could bear.

I love bike racing.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Princeton/Stevens pictures

Heres a link to Greg W's photo album from the Princeton Crit on Saturday

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Racing C's

Okay, so now it is pretty much official. I just signed up for the Men's C road race at Bucknell. Nothing like going from a longest race of the season at 17.6 miles to 36 miles. I am sure it will be good times had by all. Anyone else from D's want to join me?

Monday, March 29, 2010


Racing has been great so far. Mostly because it is fun, I have finished every race I entered, and I have seen improvement each weekend. It has been nice to finally be in the mix the last two weeks and be able to score points. I am looking forward to a great road race this weekend and the predicted nice weather. It will be a treat after starting the road race Sunday at Princeton in in 30 degree temps. All of you guys and girls out there who have not been out to the races yet are missing out on all the fun. We would love to see a few more of you out racing in the D's with Matt, Brad, and myself.

Princeton/Stevens Results

Results from the Princeton/Stevens can be found here.
Overall I can state that the weekend was a success, we all did fairly well and came back unscathed. The weather was a bit colder (30 degrees at the start on Sunday for mens D) than Philly.

A's- 50 minutes, 52 starters
  • Mike Maret- 25th
  • Jon Marshal- 22nd
D's- 25 minutes, 41 starters
  • Matt Conroy- 8th, 2 points
  • Brad Quinnan-15th
  • Pete LoBianco- 18th, 3 prime points
Road race
A's- 35 miles, 47 starters
  • Mike Maret-30th
  • Jon Marshal-44th
D's- 18 miles, 47 starters
  • Brad Quinnan-12th
  • Pete LoBianco- 14th
  • Matt Conroy- 23rd
Bucknell next weekend, weather's predicted to be in the 70's!

Friday, March 26, 2010

saturday's ride

Click here.

If you don't want to do all of that...maybe just ride the first, flat 15-20 miles with us and then turn back. Whatever. It's all good.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Care to estimate their finishing cadence?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

grant's tomb's women

A fun little write-up in the Times about the first-timers who braved the rain last weekend at Grant's Tomb.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Training Camp Day No. 2

A jaunt to the north...

Just 2M and I this time.

About sixty miles in about 3:20. A head wind t h e w h o l e w a y. Really. Some time during our trip up and over and back over the mountain the wind changed directions and we fought it both out and back. Why doesn't it ever seem to work out the other way (a tailwind both directions)? (I know the answer.)

But we shouldn't dwell on the negative. What we should dwell on was how awesome the weather was. Low 60s. Sun-shinny the whole ride. Spring is...springing. Super awesome.

And it was a great workout. Which is a good thing because Spring Break Training Camp Days Nos. 2 and 3 may turn out to be a bust, given the massive storm that is apparently headed our way. But I have fenders, so we'll see.


Good luck to Jonny M., 2M, Petey, and Chris T. at the bike games in NYC this weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break Training Camp Day No. 1

A tour of South Mountain:

Seventy-seven miles in 4:15. On board with moi were Tim Cusick and 2M. It was a nice ride.

Tomorrow, the ride leaves my house at 11:30 (weather permitting). 2M is in. Tim, maybe. Me, of course. Headed up Doubling Gap. Maybe down the other side, then back...some way. Shooting for about three hours.

If others want to join, but don't want to ride the full distance, just come along and turn back whenever.

Get it in now. The weekend looks to be wet.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Race number two under the belt.

What a great weekend for racing. I managed to be in the races this weekend rather than watching the racing happen from behind the pack. The Crit went much better this week as I was able to stay in the race for almost the entire race. The front runners didn't pull away until about 1.5 laps to go which resulted in a 22nd place finish out of 63 starters. Unfortunately I was dumb enough to take a pull toward the end of the race so I wasn't able to respond to the finishing surge as well as I would have liked. Lesson learned for the next race.

Onto the circuit race on Sunday where I managed to be in the field sprint at the end resulting in a 14th place finish out of 60 starters. This race was a lot of fun and I was fortunate enough to avoid the crazy wreck on the last lap. Check out the pick where the Bucknell riders is eating pavement, the guy in the background is freaking out, and the bike is flying in the air. Hopefully everyone was okay and it looked worse than it was. I know that there are riders who have wrecked and those that are going to wreck, I just hope that when I do go down I don't eat pavement as bad as some of these guys did. This wrecked happened on a downhill surge at give or take 25-30 mph.

Hoping for another good race weekend in NY.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Navy Photos

Sorry about the delay, I've been wicked busy. My favorite pic is the one of Mike standing up through the cemetary. I think it looks awesome!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

First race and Sunday long ride

Well now that I have done my first race and gained valuable experience, I am looking forward to the rest of the season. The first half of the race went well as I was fighting in the pack for position and sprinting out of the turns with the best of them. As the race went on and the lack of oxygen in my muscles began to affect my stellar first half performance, I fell back on the long start finigh straight. Once I had lost the pack, the head wind, and of course the debilitating lactate acid in my quads, allowed the pack to pull away bit by bit over the last few laps. I magaged to keep pushing as hard as I could and managed to pass two riders who fell off the main pack later in the race. I am looking forward to improving my performances as the season continues.

Now on to today's ride. A nice three hour ride where it snowed and sleeted for at least half of the ride, and I returned home looking like I had just finished mountain biking. Half of the salt and cinders used to defrost the PA roads for the last month were sprayed all over my bike and body. On a cool note I managed to ride for an hour with a group of Cat 2 riders I saw on the ride and asked if I could ride with them for awhile.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Upgraded from D to A tonight

I finally applied for my A upgrade tonight and got it within five min. of submitting it, pleasent. I'm a little nervous but excited to see if my winter training has paid off at NAVY this weekend. Should be fun...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Goals:::Fun Event

Yes, I'm lame... I'm the last to post my goals for this year.
Yes, they're lame goals, but they are realistic goals as well.

I'm not going to sugar coat it. I havn't been riding... at all. A deadly mix of procrastination, heavy course load coupled with fact I need strait A's to maintain graduating with Magna (maybe even Summa) Cum Laude honors, and foul weather. No excuses.. I know...

Anyways, I think I've missed my training deadlines to compete in the opening ECCC races. I'm not going to go, waste my money, and embarass myself. I am going to start today and set a goal to be physically ready for the Philly Phlyer.

So here it goes:

1. Ass(ets) in the saddle: I have plenty of movies to get in at least a 45minute spin in the basement nearly every day for a month.

2. Run: Best way to build up the cardio and lose weight. And to train for the Tough Mudder Run...

3. Lift: I will be applying to multiple police agencies in the upcoming months... I need to pass their physical fitness standards.

4. Complete a full ECCC Crit race (Cat D) without getting pulled! (Set your goals low, then you won't be as dissappointed)

5. Make it to the Philly Phlyer, Princeton/Stevens Races, Bucknell, Army, and possibly Dartmouth.

6. Be in shape to compete in the Tough Mudder Race May 2nd.

This brings me to my "Fun Event" Would anyone like to go to do this Tough Mudder Race with me. It looks insanely fun. Tough, but fun. And it would be a break from cycling before Nationals.

7 mile run through trees, water, obstacles, fire, and mud. AND>>>Live Music, Free t-shirt, and (root)Beer afterwards!

I guess I'm making it my ultimate goal. I know I won't do well, but for me, the challenge of getting in enough shape to run a 7 mile race will be a victory all in itself.

Ok. Run outside today and TNR tomorrow (weather pending). LET'S GO!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tour of Qatar

I've had way to much fun following the Tour of Qatar over the last week. I've streamed some of the races live or watched parts on youtube. Check out this amazaing sprint by the Liquigas rider Francesco Chicchi on the final stage of the event.

Just advance it to 8:25 into the clip to see the final sprint, crazy stuff!

the tree and farm race is ON!

Yes, indeed. Saturday, tomorrow, February 13, 2010, marks the inaugural tree and farm race.

For an interactive, more detailed map, click here.

But, of course, the route had to be modified somewhat to accommodate the snow...which means the non-road sections have been eliminated. :-(

Hincapie disapproves...

...but what are you gonna do.

START TIME: 9:30 am, Saturday, February 13, 2010.

START PLACE: Southhampton Township Park. (See map for details. Start location indicated by green dot. Easy access from the freeway--take the Walnut Bottom Road exit. For those interested, I'll probably be rolling from my house around 9:00 am. If you'd rather meet here that's fine.)

For those not interested in the full 54.5 miles, several bailout points back to Shippensburg are available (consult the map for your favorite).

Saturday's gonna be a cold one. Wear your warm gloves!



(I suggest copying, pasting, and formatting to your liking...then zip-tying to your top tube or retaining in your back pocket for easy on-the-bike reference. I'll have a few extra day-of, but it'd be better if you printed your own. And please stare at the map a while so as to get a sense of where this thing is going down.)

START at the park.
South on Neil (1.1)
L on Cleversburg (0.2)
L on White House (0.2)
R on Walnut Dale (2.3)
R on Mountain Estates/Strohm (0.4)
R on Chestnut Grove (0.8)
R on Gutshall (1.3)
turns into Furnace Hollow (1.4)
R on Mountain View (1.9)
R on Pine (0.7)
L on Quarry Hill (1.2)
R (still Quarry Hill; 0.4)
L (still Quarry Hill; 0.9)
turns into Springfield (1.0)
R on Big Spring (3.0)
L on Fairfield/533 (2.3)
R on Bulls Head (2.7)
L on Steelstown (0.2)
R on Whiskey Run (3.6)
R on Mountain (0.2)
L on Pine Knob (0.5)
L on Woods (1.0)
R on Mountain (1.1)
L on Oak Bend (1.0)
turns into Gobbler Knob (0.8)
L on Bridgewater (1.7)
R on Gameland (0.7)
R on Mountain (1.1)
L on Zion (1.6)
L on Peebles (1.7)
L on 641 (0.1)
R on Covered Bridge (0.9)
R on E Creek (1.8)
R on 696 (0.2)
L on W Creek (1.6)
L on Burnt Mill (2.1)
L on Maclay's Mill (1.1)
L on Middle Spring (0.5)
cross 696...
turns into Gephart (1.4)
L on Mud Level (1.5)
R on Duncan (1.4)
L on Newville/533 (0.1)
R on Foltz (1.0)
turns into Kline (1.5)
R on Walnut Bottom/174 (1.0)
L on Goodhart (0.9)
L on High (0.6)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Official

Well, I got my racing license in the mail so now I am officially psyched to race. I am sure I am not the only one who is ready to get their competition on. Only two and a half weeks until Navy which I am down for participating in. Now if only I could get some training rides in outside instead of on the trainer. On the plus side I am getting in some good upper body workouts shoveling the driveway repeatedly. Even Lance does some upper body conditioning in the off season so I think it will only benefit my cycling performance.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superb Snow Ride

I did a solid 1hr 45min ride today. I didn't get out the last two days due to the snow and I was in no mood to ride the trainer today. I felt really really good on the second part of the ride putting in some nice efforts. Like normal, I have some cool cell pictures of the roads and my ice covered bike. I'll put those up later today or tomorrow.

I've enjoyed reading everyone's goals and I think some people still need to share---- maybe? Mike, Cody, Kevin?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Only 3 Riders Brave the Snow...

Well, it was a good TNR today. Brad, Chop, and I were the only ones to show up for a snowy ride. Due to time constraints we decided to have a short and pretty hard workout... The goal was the negative split 3 laps, which we did, and was quite fun. Too bad we didn't have a photographer (Jon) to take some snow pics.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


If anyone is feeling down, depressed, disinterested, or discontent about the weather (and riding in this weather) I'd like to remind you of this:

Get excited. Spring is coming. And the more you ride now the more you'll enjoy your riding when it's warm.

And you've all got those awesome new jackets to wear. Which is awesome.

Yup. Awesome.

(For those that haven't picked up their jackets yet--Jimmy, Chris T. (who else?)--I've got them in my basement and they're not doing any good there. Come get yours and put it to use!)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Goals

1. Earn my new bike on the road

2. Not be last place in my races

3. Have fun!!! :D

2010 Goals

Ok, here are some goals so Jon and Chop don't feel so alone in revealing their goals to all who read the blog.
1. No DFL's unless there is some sort of mechanical failure.
2. I want to be competitive in each race finishing with the main pack and competing for the win.
3. I want to win at least one race during the season.
4. I want to improve my climbing, tactics, and bike handling skills as I gain experience racing with a group.
5. I want to develop sculpted calves.
6. I want to spot and admire at least one person (preferrably female) who makes wearing spandex an art form.
7. And of course have fun.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chop's 2010 Goals

So far my training is getting off to a horrific start, but I hope to iron out the wrinkles soon.
- the collegiate season last year was a lot of fun and I am just glad that I have one more opportunity to participate.

- I am probably going to enter the Navy race as a D just to feel out my legs, but I would like to be a competitive C.

- I think that if I can get my shit together I could race with the B's maybe not very competitively but it would still be fun.

- Last year I put in 7,115.3 miles and I am making it a personal goal to beat that milage, but I already have a two month handicap since I have done next to no riding at all so far this year.

- With this internship that I just started and 4-400 level courses I barely have a minute to spare for riding. I work until it is dark so going outside is not even a possibility until the time changes and I have so much freaking work to do that getting on the trainer is proving very difficult. Ill be lucky if I can get 6 hours a week on my bike and that is less than half of what I was doing at this time last year.

- So basically, my current goal is to just try and squeeze as many hours out of my schedule as I can.

- #1 goal is to have a good time and enjoy the thrill of racing while hanging out with good people.

Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 Goals - Please post your own goals now

Collegiate Season-

Be competitive in the A field

Try to get one top 5 finish

Race smart and have better positioning in crits

Qualify for Nationals!

Regular season-

Try to break my fourth place curse and score a podium spot- preferably several times

Compete in at least one stage race

Try a time trial, have to get better at these eventually

Work for someone else to secure them a victory or something close

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Saturday Ride

Just a quick picture post right now since I need to shower. I just washed my bike off and ate a 700 calorie stir fry. The ride was sweet with a lot of new guys and the biggest group I can remember for a while now. I took these pictures after we had split up a little but I think Dr. Goates got some of the entire group when we started.

Friday, January 22, 2010

the anatomy of a sprint

I can't sprint worth beans, but that's not for lack of respect for those that can. IMO, one of the coolest things about cycling is the organic snake-like flow of the pelaton as it winds up to a climatic, chaotic bunch finish.

Youtube "sprint finish tour de france" and watch a few clips. It's the areal shots that really move me. Crazy awesome stuff.

From this year's Tour Down Under (going on now). Andre Gripel, putting on a clinic:

For you newbies that haven't yet discovered the addictive joy of following professional bicycle racing, let me introduce you to and

You're welcome.