Friday, February 12, 2010

the tree and farm race is ON!

Yes, indeed. Saturday, tomorrow, February 13, 2010, marks the inaugural tree and farm race.

For an interactive, more detailed map, click here.

But, of course, the route had to be modified somewhat to accommodate the snow...which means the non-road sections have been eliminated. :-(

Hincapie disapproves...

...but what are you gonna do.

START TIME: 9:30 am, Saturday, February 13, 2010.

START PLACE: Southhampton Township Park. (See map for details. Start location indicated by green dot. Easy access from the freeway--take the Walnut Bottom Road exit. For those interested, I'll probably be rolling from my house around 9:00 am. If you'd rather meet here that's fine.)

For those not interested in the full 54.5 miles, several bailout points back to Shippensburg are available (consult the map for your favorite).

Saturday's gonna be a cold one. Wear your warm gloves!



(I suggest copying, pasting, and formatting to your liking...then zip-tying to your top tube or retaining in your back pocket for easy on-the-bike reference. I'll have a few extra day-of, but it'd be better if you printed your own. And please stare at the map a while so as to get a sense of where this thing is going down.)

START at the park.
South on Neil (1.1)
L on Cleversburg (0.2)
L on White House (0.2)
R on Walnut Dale (2.3)
R on Mountain Estates/Strohm (0.4)
R on Chestnut Grove (0.8)
R on Gutshall (1.3)
turns into Furnace Hollow (1.4)
R on Mountain View (1.9)
R on Pine (0.7)
L on Quarry Hill (1.2)
R (still Quarry Hill; 0.4)
L (still Quarry Hill; 0.9)
turns into Springfield (1.0)
R on Big Spring (3.0)
L on Fairfield/533 (2.3)
R on Bulls Head (2.7)
L on Steelstown (0.2)
R on Whiskey Run (3.6)
R on Mountain (0.2)
L on Pine Knob (0.5)
L on Woods (1.0)
R on Mountain (1.1)
L on Oak Bend (1.0)
turns into Gobbler Knob (0.8)
L on Bridgewater (1.7)
R on Gameland (0.7)
R on Mountain (1.1)
L on Zion (1.6)
L on Peebles (1.7)
L on 641 (0.1)
R on Covered Bridge (0.9)
R on E Creek (1.8)
R on 696 (0.2)
L on W Creek (1.6)
L on Burnt Mill (2.1)
L on Maclay's Mill (1.1)
L on Middle Spring (0.5)
cross 696...
turns into Gephart (1.4)
L on Mud Level (1.5)
R on Duncan (1.4)
L on Newville/533 (0.1)
R on Foltz (1.0)
turns into Kline (1.5)
R on Walnut Bottom/174 (1.0)
L on Goodhart (0.9)
L on High (0.6)

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