Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Racing C's

Okay, so now it is pretty much official. I just signed up for the Men's C road race at Bucknell. Nothing like going from a longest race of the season at 17.6 miles to 36 miles. I am sure it will be good times had by all. Anyone else from D's want to join me?

Monday, March 29, 2010


Racing has been great so far. Mostly because it is fun, I have finished every race I entered, and I have seen improvement each weekend. It has been nice to finally be in the mix the last two weeks and be able to score points. I am looking forward to a great road race this weekend and the predicted nice weather. It will be a treat after starting the road race Sunday at Princeton in in 30 degree temps. All of you guys and girls out there who have not been out to the races yet are missing out on all the fun. We would love to see a few more of you out racing in the D's with Matt, Brad, and myself.

Princeton/Stevens Results

Results from the Princeton/Stevens can be found here.
Overall I can state that the weekend was a success, we all did fairly well and came back unscathed. The weather was a bit colder (30 degrees at the start on Sunday for mens D) than Philly.

A's- 50 minutes, 52 starters
  • Mike Maret- 25th
  • Jon Marshal- 22nd
D's- 25 minutes, 41 starters
  • Matt Conroy- 8th, 2 points
  • Brad Quinnan-15th
  • Pete LoBianco- 18th, 3 prime points
Road race
A's- 35 miles, 47 starters
  • Mike Maret-30th
  • Jon Marshal-44th
D's- 18 miles, 47 starters
  • Brad Quinnan-12th
  • Pete LoBianco- 14th
  • Matt Conroy- 23rd
Bucknell next weekend, weather's predicted to be in the 70's!

Friday, March 26, 2010

saturday's ride

Click here.

If you don't want to do all of that...maybe just ride the first, flat 15-20 miles with us and then turn back. Whatever. It's all good.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Care to estimate their finishing cadence?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

grant's tomb's women

A fun little write-up in the Times about the first-timers who braved the rain last weekend at Grant's Tomb.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Training Camp Day No. 2

A jaunt to the north...

Just 2M and I this time.

About sixty miles in about 3:20. A head wind t h e w h o l e w a y. Really. Some time during our trip up and over and back over the mountain the wind changed directions and we fought it both out and back. Why doesn't it ever seem to work out the other way (a tailwind both directions)? (I know the answer.)

But we shouldn't dwell on the negative. What we should dwell on was how awesome the weather was. Low 60s. Sun-shinny the whole ride. Spring is...springing. Super awesome.

And it was a great workout. Which is a good thing because Spring Break Training Camp Days Nos. 2 and 3 may turn out to be a bust, given the massive storm that is apparently headed our way. But I have fenders, so we'll see.


Good luck to Jonny M., 2M, Petey, and Chris T. at the bike games in NYC this weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break Training Camp Day No. 1

A tour of South Mountain:

Seventy-seven miles in 4:15. On board with moi were Tim Cusick and 2M. It was a nice ride.

Tomorrow, the ride leaves my house at 11:30 (weather permitting). 2M is in. Tim, maybe. Me, of course. Headed up Doubling Gap. Maybe down the other side, then back...some way. Shooting for about three hours.

If others want to join, but don't want to ride the full distance, just come along and turn back whenever.

Get it in now. The weekend looks to be wet.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Race number two under the belt.

What a great weekend for racing. I managed to be in the races this weekend rather than watching the racing happen from behind the pack. The Crit went much better this week as I was able to stay in the race for almost the entire race. The front runners didn't pull away until about 1.5 laps to go which resulted in a 22nd place finish out of 63 starters. Unfortunately I was dumb enough to take a pull toward the end of the race so I wasn't able to respond to the finishing surge as well as I would have liked. Lesson learned for the next race.

Onto the circuit race on Sunday where I managed to be in the field sprint at the end resulting in a 14th place finish out of 60 starters. This race was a lot of fun and I was fortunate enough to avoid the crazy wreck on the last lap. Check out the pick where the Bucknell riders is eating pavement, the guy in the background is freaking out, and the bike is flying in the air. Hopefully everyone was okay and it looked worse than it was. I know that there are riders who have wrecked and those that are going to wreck, I just hope that when I do go down I don't eat pavement as bad as some of these guys did. This wrecked happened on a downhill surge at give or take 25-30 mph.

Hoping for another good race weekend in NY.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Navy Photos

Sorry about the delay, I've been wicked busy. My favorite pic is the one of Mike standing up through the cemetary. I think it looks awesome!