Monday, March 29, 2010

Princeton/Stevens Results

Results from the Princeton/Stevens can be found here.
Overall I can state that the weekend was a success, we all did fairly well and came back unscathed. The weather was a bit colder (30 degrees at the start on Sunday for mens D) than Philly.

A's- 50 minutes, 52 starters
  • Mike Maret- 25th
  • Jon Marshal- 22nd
D's- 25 minutes, 41 starters
  • Matt Conroy- 8th, 2 points
  • Brad Quinnan-15th
  • Pete LoBianco- 18th, 3 prime points
Road race
A's- 35 miles, 47 starters
  • Mike Maret-30th
  • Jon Marshal-44th
D's- 18 miles, 47 starters
  • Brad Quinnan-12th
  • Pete LoBianco- 14th
  • Matt Conroy- 23rd
Bucknell next weekend, weather's predicted to be in the 70's!

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