Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Training Camp Day No. 2

A jaunt to the north...

Just 2M and I this time.

About sixty miles in about 3:20. A head wind t h e w h o l e w a y. Really. Some time during our trip up and over and back over the mountain the wind changed directions and we fought it both out and back. Why doesn't it ever seem to work out the other way (a tailwind both directions)? (I know the answer.)

But we shouldn't dwell on the negative. What we should dwell on was how awesome the weather was. Low 60s. Sun-shinny the whole ride. Spring is...springing. Super awesome.

And it was a great workout. Which is a good thing because Spring Break Training Camp Days Nos. 2 and 3 may turn out to be a bust, given the massive storm that is apparently headed our way. But I have fenders, so we'll see.


Good luck to Jonny M., 2M, Petey, and Chris T. at the bike games in NYC this weekend!

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