Monday, March 8, 2010

Race number two under the belt.

What a great weekend for racing. I managed to be in the races this weekend rather than watching the racing happen from behind the pack. The Crit went much better this week as I was able to stay in the race for almost the entire race. The front runners didn't pull away until about 1.5 laps to go which resulted in a 22nd place finish out of 63 starters. Unfortunately I was dumb enough to take a pull toward the end of the race so I wasn't able to respond to the finishing surge as well as I would have liked. Lesson learned for the next race.

Onto the circuit race on Sunday where I managed to be in the field sprint at the end resulting in a 14th place finish out of 60 starters. This race was a lot of fun and I was fortunate enough to avoid the crazy wreck on the last lap. Check out the pick where the Bucknell riders is eating pavement, the guy in the background is freaking out, and the bike is flying in the air. Hopefully everyone was okay and it looked worse than it was. I know that there are riders who have wrecked and those that are going to wreck, I just hope that when I do go down I don't eat pavement as bad as some of these guys did. This wrecked happened on a downhill surge at give or take 25-30 mph.

Hoping for another good race weekend in NY.

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