Thursday, September 29, 2011

september starlight circle race #4

On an evening that threatened thunderstorms like God's impending wrath, six riders came to contest the finale in the September Starlight Circle Race Series.

Unfortunately, I was a bit under-the-weather so I didn't ride, but I did roll over to cheer, heckle, and try to take a few very bad pictures.

With the new three mini-race format there was opportunity to share the glory--Alan, Lee, and Aaron all taking wins. But it's the last mini-race that counts for points, and these are your results:

1 Aaron ......... 5 pts
2 Christopher ... 3 pts
3 Alan .......... 2 pts
4 Leroy ......... 1 pt
5 Jeremy ........ 1 pt
6 Steve ......... 1 pt

Congrats to Christopher for making the old men proud. Congrats to Jeremy on his first time out for hanging strong. Congrats to Alan and Leroy for keeping all their skin safely attached to their bodies.

Congratulations to Steve...he gets the Ironman Award for being the only rider to come out every single week. Awesome.

And Congrats to Aaron for taking the September Series title.

Your overall results (ties were broken, when possible, by number of races entered):

01 Aaron .......... 11 pts
02 Christopher .... 6 pts
03 Alan ........... 5 pts
04 Zach ........... 5 pts
05 Stephen ........ 4 pts
06 Goates ......... 4 pts
07 Leroy .......... 3 pts
08 Jon ............ 3 pts
09 Chris T. ....... 2 pts
09 Michael ........ 2 pts
09 Ben ............ 2 pts
09 David .......... 2 pts
13 Joe B .......... 1 pt
13 Jeremy ......... 1 pt

Fourteen riders total. That's pretty good. Now, if we could just get everyone out on the same day!

Anyway, great work everyone. I had fun. And Aaron had so much fun that he thinks we should keep going. So what do y'all think? Had enough fun yet?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

september starlight circle race #2 & #3

Ok, round #2 didn't really happen. I wasn't in town. Four riders came. The decided to ride elsewhere. I hear they rode through a stream. Apparently there was rain. Imagine that.

Anyway, we've decided to give the four of them (Stephen, Alan, Aaron, and Ben) each a participation point, but since they didn't race they get no more than that.

But round #3 was good times. We decided on a new format, three races of five laps each, the last counting for points. This proved to be quite a workout. Or, at least I was tired. Leroy, unfortunately, slid out around the sharp, swoopy, downhill turn which ended the second mini-race early...and then his heart wasn't really in it for the third mini-race. Who can blame him.

Anyway, your results from Sept 21:

1 Zach ........... 5 pts
2 Goates ......... 3 pts
3 Christopher .... 2 pts
4 Joe B. ......... 1 pt
5 Chris T. ....... 1 pt
6 Michael ........ 1 pt
7 Stephen ........ 1 pt
8 David .......... 1 pt
9 Leroy .......... 1 pt

So, the overall standings after three rounds:

01 Aaron .......... 6 pts
02 Zach ........... 5 pts
03 Goates ......... 4 pts
04 Christopher .... 3 pts
04 Alan ........... 3 pts
04 Jon ............ 3 pts
04 Stephen ........ 2 pts
08 Chris T. ....... 2 pts
08 Michael ........ 2 pts
08 Ben ............ 2 pts
08 Leroy .......... 2 pts
08 David .......... 2 pts
13 Joe B .......... 1 pt

Next week is the fourth and final round...and right now it's anyone's game!

See you next week.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

september starlight circle race #1

Wow. Did someone say Biblical rains?

We started with wet roads, but no rain. After a couple of laps we were treading through torrential rains. Torrential. And somehow the rain breaks everything up, so that's fun. (Except for Alan and I, and of course he pipped me at the line.)

Anyway, results from Race #1:

01 Aaron ........ 5 pts
02 Jon .......... 3 pts
03 Alan ......... 2 pts
04 Goates ....... 1 pt
05 Christopher .. 1 pt
06 Leroy ........ 1 pt
07 Michael ...... 1 pt
08 Ben .......... 1 pt
09 Steve ........ 1 pt
10 David ........ 1 pt

(If I've got that wrong, let me know.)

Also props to superstar Tangina for coming out and riding the whole time and Garrett for making a valiant effort (though I'm assuming he bailed with the rain).

Fortunately, by the end of the run the rain had stopped again.

Anyway, Aaron's wearing the leader's jersey going into next week. Awesome blossom. See y'all next week!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

upcoming events

TNR 9/6

LAST WEEK (8/30): A great start to the school year with 11 riders joining us for the TNR. Aaron was back in Ship and showed his dominance with a convincing win. Details here.

THIS WEEK (TODAY): We're pretty much guaranteed to get wet. While the rain isn't expected to be heavy, the possibility of rain always leaves people second guessing whether others are going. So, if you are going, send out a note so others will know and feel similarly motivated. (Full disclosure: I won't be there tonight, but not because of the rain.)

Wednesday, the September Starlight Circle Race Series...

Yup, back again in 2011 is the September Starlight Circle Race Series. Starts at 9:00 pm. (Yup, 9 o'clock at night, when it's dark.) Meet at the corner of Brenton & Richwalter streets at around 8:50 pm. Lights are required (there's no traffic, and the street lights are usually on, but you still need lights to keep others from hitting you), but I have several extra pairs of lights if you want to come play but don't have person illumination. In fact, I just got a few more from Mountainside so we should enough for everyone. (Hint: small flashlights taped to handlebars work fine. So do headlamps.)

Right now, it looks like there's a pretty good chance we'll get wet tomorrow evening too, but I'm committed. The race only runs like 35 minutes, and once you're over the initial shock of getting wet, riding in the rain in 70 degree weather isn't any big thing.

Everyone who comes gets at least one point. Leader's jersey (the ugliest one I can find in my closet) for the series leader.

If you have questions or need directions, comment on this post.

Thursday, Dan Daly Hosted Team Time Trial on Pine Rd/Rt 233

We had a lot of fun (I say "we," but I wasn't there, unfortunately) doing a team trial this summer as part of the South Mountain Summer Smackdown, so we've decided to try to get one more in before the end of good weather...and now its supposed to rain all week. Anyway, 2-4 (maybe 5?) teams on a beautiful 20-mile course in the woods.

Meet at the Twirly Top restaurant at the corner of Pine Grove Rd and Rt 34 at 5:30 pm. Thursday.

Don't have a team? Don't worry about it. Just come and we'll get you put together with whomever.

A lot of fun. No entry fee. Totally low-key. Just come out and ride 20 miles with your friends as fast as you can.

*** I haven't talked about this with Dan, but as I suspect few will come if its raining, we may postpone until next week or the next in the event of rain. Stay tuned to your email for the latest.

Friday No-One-Gets-Dropped-Ride

We'd love for you to join the students on their weekly, casual (very casual) Friday afternoon jaunt through the countryside. Ride lasts 60-90 minutes and we ride no faster than the slowest rider wants to go.

Meet at 3:30 pm at the hockey rink by the student rec fields on campus (Shippensburg University campus). Everyone is welcome.

This Weekend...

A quick plug for two great local events this weekend competing for your competitive inclinations.

(1) The Ernie Simpson Memorial Time Trial. The boys of South Mountain Velo have been putting this on for years. Always well-organized and always a good time. Plus, big, juicy local apples for your consumption afterwards.

If you don't want to race, rumor has it they could still use a few bodies to help with marshaling the course and/or registering participants. If you're interested, shoot Jim Hartnett ( or Christopher Woltemade ( a note and they can fill you in on details.

(2) The Terror of Teaberry. Part of the great Michaux Endurance Series. Jes and his crew always do a marvelous job with these events, as I'm sure many on this list know. Ten, 20, and 40 mile options for your mountain biking pleasure.

Funny story: I did this race in 2007. It was like my second mountain bike race ever so I did the ten mile option (which was really 13 miles, but who's counting). Won. Went home with warm fuzzies. Later, I get an email from I-don't-remember-who expressing extreme displeasure that I, a pro road rider, would enter the 10-mile option of this little mountain bike race and beat up on the beginners. (In case you need help, this is funny because I've never been anything close to a professional roadie and, if I must say, am still a remarkably poor mountain biker.)

Anyway, Dr. Woltemade and I were riding through the Teaberry area the other day and remarked, that while we've both had teaberry-flavored ice cream, neither one of us really knows what a teaberry is. Here's hoping Gettysburg Bicycle supplies a basket of sample berries at the race for the curious. :-)

Friday, September 2, 2011

back to school...

Great rides on the first week of school. First, the TNR. Eleven riders, two newbies. Let's see...there was Aaron, TT Brian, Luke & his dad, K-town Kyle, the inestimable Rider Big E, Christopher W., Chris T., newbies Stephen & Michael, and me. An impressive crew!

A few pics:

I think this is Luke, but I'm not totally sure. :-)

TT Brian

newbie Michael

K-town Kyle

Then, today, a great nine-rider turnout for the Friday No-One-Gets-Dropped-Ride. Probably the fastest, tightest No-One-Gets-Dropped-Ride ever.

More pics:

The crew, menus eu, pre-ride.

Between the stalks.

A shot of the cockpit from the cockpit. (Why the brake cable over the stem, you ask? Well, it's a XC rig, and there's a cable stop right there, and this strategy left a less aggressive bend. I like it.)

I think I should get props for not crashing while taking this pic.

Ship alums Jon & Jimmy slumming it with the crew.