Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 south mountain summer smackdown

(Should have posted this a couple weeks ago. Posted now for record-keeping's sake. And the calendar.)


Back for 2010, it's the battle of South Mountain (or something similarly grandiose and awe-inspiring)!

o^o o^o o^o

Yup, this summer, like last summer, Ship Cycling is going to collaborate with South Mountain Velo and Yellow Breeches Racing for the 2010 SMVC/YBR/Ship Cycling Summer Smackdown. This is how it works:

There are FOUR events, an individual time trial, a road race (its only like 23 miles or something), a hill climb to Big Flat, and, new this year, a team time trial.

Each event is scored kind of like a cross country meet. Each team's first three riders to finish score points for the team. The fourth and fifth riders displace the points riders from other teams would score. Additional riders are excluded from team scoring. Lowest point total wins.

So, say the first four riders that finish an event are Ship Cycling and the next three riders that finish are South Mountain. Ship Cycling would score 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 points for their first three finishers. Fourth place is Ship Cycling; he doesn't score any points, but he pushes South Mountain riders down the scale so they score more points. South Mountain would score 5 + 6 + 7 = 18 points. 6 < 18 so Ship Cycling wins.

Even though it's billed as a competition between the three area clubs, EVERYONE IS INVITED! Others can form their own teams (I'm campaigning for Lost Boys to send a contingent) or just vie for individual glory. Non-team riders displace the points teams would earn.

HERE'S THE CALENDAR (everything subject to change):

** Thurs, June 3, 6:00 pm - individual time trial. YBR hosts. Meet at the campground on Pine Grove Rd about five miles north of Pine Grove Furnace SP. (This is the regular Ironmasters TT, hosted by the much loved and probably underappreciated Mark Laser.)

** Wed, June 30 (rain date: July 1), 6:00 pm - road race. Ship Cycling hosts. Meet at Pine Grove Furnace SP. The parking lot by the reservoir. (Probably the same course that we did last year--south on 233, left on Shippensburg Rd, left on Wenksville, left on Coon, left on Bendersville Rd, right on Pine Grove Rd. Probably the same course... It's negotiable.)

** Wed, July 7 (rain date: July 8), 6:00 pm - South Mountain hill climb. SMV hosts. Meet at Southhampton Township Park. (Mass start hill climb up the seven-some miles from Cleversburg to Big Flat.)

** Wed, July 15, time tbd -- team time trial. Dan Daly hosting. (Not sure on the details yet. Probably we'll run this on Route 174, Dan's normal time trial route--for those of you to whom that means anything--from a few miles south of Carlisle to a few miles short of Shippensburg and back again. 40k. We'll have to do this a little later in the day so as to not have to fight traffic, but probably by 7:00 pm we should be fine. We also have to agree on rules, but there's plenty of time for those mundane details...)


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