Friday, December 2, 2011

New Friends

Humorous story... Once upon a time there were three cyclist, Jon, Michael, and Alan. There were on an evening ride one night heading towards Rt. 641 on running pump road. The air was crisp and the sun was setting. The temperature was dropping by the second but these young lads didn't mind. They successfully made a left hand turn onto Vaughn rd. and continued pedaling. It was not long before one of the most ferocious of all beasts came running out of a landowners yard... Two golden retrievers! (dogs) They quickly rode past them, but when the boys turned around to check for cars they were surprised to see the dogs still running after them. After running from the beasts for 5 minutes Michael decided that maybe they wanted the boys to pet them. So he stopped, and the dogs ran after him with their tails wagging. He scratched their head and told them they were good dogs but they needed to get going because it was getting dark. The boys decided to ride past their home hoping they would be tired by then and stop following them. The plan was successful and the boys returned home safely. The End.