Wednesday, July 30, 2014

RESULTS: SMSS #4, Pine Grove - Caledonia - Pine Grove

SMSS #4, Pine Grove - Caledonia - Pine Grove
July 29, 2014
Individual Results
 1 Jon Marshall             Faulkner Nissan Racing
 2 Micah Engle              Faulkner Nissan Racing  
 3 Alan Royek               Faulkner Nissan Racing       
 4 Christopher Woltemade    Antietam Velo Club
 5 Kyle H.                  ARC / Carlisle
 6 Nathan Goates            Faulkner Nissan Racing
 7 Sam DiAngelo             ARC / Carlisle
 8 Eric Diamond             Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)
 9 John L.                  Antietam Velo Club
10 Cory DiAngelo            ARC / Carlisle
11 Ben Rhodes               Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)
12 Jim Hartnett             South Mountain Velo Club
13 Joe K.                   South Mountain Velo Club
14 Rick Ackerman            Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)
15 Ben Coleman              ARC / Carlisle

Club Results
 1 Faulkner Nissan Racing                        3 pts
 2 ARC / Carlisle                               12
 3 Antietam Velo Club                           13
 4 Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)  19
 5 South Mountain Velo Club                     25
 6 everyone else                                32

2014 SMSS Series TOTAL (after three rounds)
 1 Faulkner Nissan Racing                       35 pts
 2 South Mountain Velo Club                     47
 3 Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)  64
 5 Dickenson College                            98

 4 Antietam Velo Club                           74
 6 ARC / Carlisle                               99
 7 everyone else                               119

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

RESULTS: SMSS #3, Iron Masters ITT

SMSS #3, Iron Masters Ind. Time Trial
June 11, 2014
Individual Results
 1 Nathan Goates    24:54   Faulkner Nissan Racing
 2 Jon Marshall     26:12   Faulkner Nissan Racing  
 3 Jim Hartnett     26:36   SMVC       
 4 Joe Kaehler      26:57   SMVC
 5 Kyle Irwin       27:33   Antietam Velo Club
 6 Joe B.           28:15   Shippensburg University (alum)
 7 Rich Shaffer     28:46   SMVC

Club Results
 1 Faulkner Nissan Racing                       11 pts
 2 South Mountain Velo Club                     14
 3 Antietam Velo Club                           21 
 4 Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)  22
 5 everyone else                                24

2014 SMSS Series TOTAL (after three rounds)
 1 South Mountain Velo Club                     22 pts
 2 Faulkner Nissan Racing                       32
 3 Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)  45
 4 Antietam Velo Club                           61
 5 Dickenson College                            66
 6 everyone else                                87

Monday, June 9, 2014

RESULTS: SMSS #2: Pine Grove Furnace Road Race

SMSS #2, Pine Grove Furnace Road Race
May 14, 2014
Individual Results
 1 Jon Marshall           Faulkner Nissan Racing
 2 Eric Noreen            SMVC (Gettysburg Bicycle)
 3 Eric Diamond           Shippensburg University (alum)
 4 Bob                    SMVC
 5 Kyle Irwin             Shippensburg University (alum)
 6 Jim Hartnett           SMVC
 7 Rick Ackerman          Shippensburg University (alum)
 8 Jeff Townsley          Shippensburg University (friend)

Club Results
 1 South Mountain Velo Club                     12 pts
 2 Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)  15
 3 Faulkner Nissan Racing                       19
 4 everyone else                                27

2014 SMSS Series TOTAL (after two rounds)
 1 South Mountain Velo Club                     22 pts
 2 Shippensburg Univ (students/alumni/friends)  23 
 3 Faulkner Nissan Racing                       32
 4 Antietam Velo Club                           40
 5 Dickenson College                            42
 6 everyone else                                63

Monday, May 5, 2014

5th for Royek at USAC Collegiate Nats!

Congratulations to Alan Royek, junior, Shippensburg University Cycling, for his outstanding performance at Nationals this weekend!

A hard-fought 5th place in the DII road race...after having spent 16-17 miles off the front, solo, during laps four & five of the seven-lap, 70-mile Richmond, Virginia course.

Oh yeah, and he dropped a solid 8th in the individual time trial two days earlier.

Those of us at home had to follow the action via the @USACcollegiate twitter feed, but were treated to gems like this one:

I was on the edge of my seat.

Here's the report in his own words:

Friday was the ITT and I placed 8th in that which was good. Especially because I was not feeling my best. Yesterday was the RR. 7 laps for 70 miles on the 2015 worlds course. Complete with a cobble descent and a nasty little cobbled climb. I broke away solo with three laps to go hoping that some guys would bridge up to me but after staying away for 16 miles a chase group brought me back and then came the field. Soon after we hit Libby hill (the cobbled climb) again and a group of four guys went off the front. I was in the second group of about 10 guys and rolled with them the rest of the race, which was about a lap now. That group stayed together until the final K when I put in an attack at the top of a small climb. I got away with one other guy and I sprinted him to the line for 5th place.
It was honestly one of the coolest weekends of my life. Richmond was roaring for every race. Super cool venue can't wait for worlds in 2015!
Look at that hardware!
So awesome, Alan.  Congrats, again.

Friday, April 25, 2014

RESULTS: SMSS #1, South Mountain Hill Climb, Apr 24

What a great evening for a little bike race.  Is there a better place on this green Earth for cycling?

Anyway, there was a diverse, if not large, group that came out to play.  Big shout out to the boys from Dickinson College that came to join us.  Many happy returns!

Also, given the numbers, we deviated from the normal three-person teams and went to two.

Thanks again to everyone who made it.  Hope to see you all again on Tuesday (for the first run at the Ironmasters TT--a two-man deal) and next month for ever-popular Pine Grove RR.  (Complete schedule here.)

SMSS #1, South Mountain Hill Climb
April 24, 2014
Individual Results
 1 Nathan Goates          Faulkner Nissan Racing
 2 Eric Diamond           Shippensburg University
 3 Eric Noreen            Gettysburg / SMVC
 4 Tyler Riegel           Dickinson College
 5 Christopher Woltemade  Antietam Velo Club
 6 Michael Poland         Shippensburg University
 7 Jim Hartnett           SMVC / Gettysburg
 8 John Lancione          Antietam Velo Club
 9 Rick Ackerman          Shippensburg University
10 Kyle Irwin             Shippensburg University
11 Nick Shewell           Dickinson College
Club Results
 1 Shippensburg University                       8 pts
 2 Gettysburg Cycling                           10
 2 South Mountain Velo Club                     10
 4 Faulkner Nissan Racing                       13
 4 Antietam Velo Club                           13
 6 Dickinson College                            15

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bike Maintenance Earth Day

Some pictures from the cycling clubs free bike maintenance event on Earth Day 4/22/14.

Jeremy works on truing a wheel that got bent after the owner tried to free it from ice during a winter storm.

Alan goes through checking the gears

Michael applies some lube to the brake cables

 Alan getting a flat tire fixed

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ship Cycling Movie Stars Part 2

Remember this? Yeah I forgot about it too, but Chris Townsley didn't!

Anyways the move came out, finally. IMDB has it listed as 6.2/10 and Rotten Tomatoes has a Tomatometer rating of 26%. Trailer below.

I have not watched it so I will withhold judgement. I can't sit still through a whole movie. So I skipped ahead to the goodies, the cycling scene! Below are some screenshots.

Richard walking toward the race
Awesome shot of Nathan rocking the SHIP jersey!
Chris T and Richard at the starting line, right side middle, look for heads
Beginning of the race, Richard center bottom

Richard racing
Chris T. left, Nathan right
Nathan Racing

Monday, September 9, 2013

Coggan's Training Zones

(This needs to be posted here, for reference.  It will get a permanent home on the website later.)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RESULTS: SMSS #5, Caledonia Calderon of Burning Bicycles, Aug 27

Some powerful good riding on some powerful good terrain...

I think the handicapping worked out pretty good today.  It was tight.  But, in the end, Round Here Racing was able to extend its lead over second placed South Mountain Velo, with Antietam Velo Club remaining close behind in third.

With the semester back in full swing and the students back in town, a strong showing (and dominate performance) from Shippensburg University netted them the club win for the round and saw them leapfrog Gettysburg Bicycle for fourth place in the overall.

The caravan from Shippensburg...
The SU boys, ready to rumble.

SMSS #5, Caledonia Calderon of Burning Bicycles
August 27, 2013
Individual Results
 1 Jon Marshall      Round Here Racing
 2 Alan Royek        Shippensburg University
 3 Nathan Goates     Round Here Racing
 4 Joe Kahler        South Mountain Velo
 5 Eric Diamond      Antietam Velo Club
 6 Brad Thompson     Shippensburg University
 7 Eric Noreen       Gettysburg Bicycle
 8 Jeremy White      Shippensburg University
 9 Michal Perdek     Franklin County Cyclists
10 Jim Hartnett      South Mountain Velo
11 Michael Poland    Shippensburg University
12 Chris Townsley    Antietam Velo Club
13 Rick Ackerman     ?
14 Steve Bussey      Shippensburg University
15 Jeff Townsley     Antietam Velo Club (guest rider)
16 Bill Sommers      Shippensburg University (guest rider)
17 Max Sommers       Shippensburg University (guest rider)
18 Josh Levisky      Shippensburg University
Club Results
 1 Shippensburg University                          16 pts
 2 Round Here Racing                                23
 3 Antietam Velo Club                               32
 4 South Mountain Velo                              33
 5 Gettysburg Bicycle                               45
 6 Franklin County Cyclists                         47
 7 all others                                       57

2013 Overall Standings (after five rounds)
 1 Round Here Racing                                82 pts
 2 South Mountain Velo                             110
 3 Antietam Velo Club                              124
 4 Shippensburg University                         154
 5 Gettysburg Bicycle                              156
 6 Franklin County Cyclists                        212
 7 all others                                      222

The final SMSS is the team time trial!  Teams of 2-4...on a route that will be some variation on the traditional Iron Masters course.  Wednesday, September 11, 6:00 pm.  Park/meet at the Iron Masters mansion, Pine Grove State Park.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

(most of) the crew

April 2013, Shippensburg University.  Photo credits to Dr. Michael Drager.

Friday, August 16, 2013

RESULTS: Ironmasters ITT, August 14

Ironmasters ITT, August 14, 2013 
(2013 Ernie Simpson course, 20km, very non-flat)
Men - Aero
1 Patrick Hankins        South Mountain Velo Club   33:23
2 Joe Kaehler            South Mountain Velo Club   33:25
3 Eric Diamond           Antietam Velo Club         33:30 
4 Jim Hartnett           South Mountain Velo Club   33:56
5 Cliff                  South Mountain Velo Club   37:42
Men - Merckx
1 Nathan Goates          Round Here Racing          31:31
2 Chistopher Woltemade   Antietam Velo Club         33:55
3 Ralph Pisle            BULLDOG                    36:35
4 Bill Sommers           n/a                        38:38

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RESULTS: SMSS Round #4, Pine Grove - Caledonia - Pine Grove, July 23

Folks seem to like the mass start events a whole lot more than the time trials.  At least, judged by attendance numbers.  I can take a hint.

What a lovely evening for bike racing!  Mild (comparatively) temps.  Not a hint of rain.  And fresh black powder pavement for the descent into and climb out of Caledonia.  Delicious.

The 30-mile out-and-back Pine Grove - Caledonia - Pine Grove handicapped road road race began with 16 riders toeing the line.  Three groups, sent in three-minute intervals: two riders in the first, seven in each of the second two.

(Notice how I slip into sports-writer mode below.  Enjoy it with me.)

The run to Caledonia in the A group began with a casual, orderly double-pace line, but as riders' legs began to warm and the road tilted upward, Kutztown Kyle (privateer) stretched his legs a bit and the rest of the group fell in single-file behind.  Near the top of the climb, Alan Royek (RHR) put in a dig, with Eric Noreen (Gettysburg Bicycle) quickly bridging up.  The two seemed uninterested in committing themselves, however, and Jere Ballard (SMVC) moved to the front and shut the move down before Shippensburg Road.

The catch--the A group picking up the remnants of the B group--occurred a few miles after the turn-around, appropriately, perhaps, in front of Big E's house.  A couple of miles earlier, as the A group rode away from Caledonia and the gradient began to climb, Noreen launched tandem attacks, the first was reeled in without fanfare, but just as Jon Marshall (RHR) was asking Kutztown Kyle (privateer) if responding to the last attack hurt, the aggressive Gettysburg Bicycle rider fired again, with Nathan Goates (RHR) hanging on his wheel.

The two got separation, cooperated well, and with the RHR boys behind unwilling to chase, the gap grew steadily.  As the two escapees picked up the B group, Brad Thompson (SU) and Joe Kahler (SMVC) put in welcome pulls, but eventually the elastic snapped and the pair broke free again.

As the pitch rose again near Miltenberger Road, Goates put in a monster pull, rocking back-and-forth relentlessly atop a big gear, which finally proved too much for Noreen.  Goates soloed over the 233 hump while the chasers attempted to organize behind.  It would be the last they'd see of the leader, however.  Slipping out of sight, post-ride GPS data shows that Goates managed to descend from Shippensburg Road to Pine Grove Furnace State Park a solid 15 seconds faster than the RHR-disrupted chase.

Having taken a free ride for the past 10 miles or so, Royek out-sprinted Noreen and Jere Ballard (SMVC) for second place, about 1:20 off the pace set by the leader, with the others coming through in groups of two and three behind.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play.  Next up, Ironmasters TT on TUESDAY, August 13, and SMSS #5 on TUESDAY, August 23.

SMSS #4, Pine Grove - Caledonia - Pine Grove
July 23, 2013
Individual Results
 1 Nathan Goates                Round Here Racing         ~1:15
 2 Alan Royek                   Round Here Racing
 3 Eric Noreen                  Gettysburg Bicycle
 4 Jere Ballard                 South Mountain Velo Club
 5 Joe Kahler                   South Mountain Velo Club
 6 Kutztown Kyle                (privateer)
 7 Jim Hartnett                 South Mountain Velo Club
 8 Eric Diamond                 Antietam Velo Club
 9 Jon "broken thumb" Marshall  Round Here Racing
10 John Lacione                 Antietam Velo Club
11 Brad Thompson                Shippensburg University
12 Steve Bussey                 Shippensburg University 
13 Chris Townsley               Antietam Velo Club
14 Rick Ackerman                ?
15 Kevin Griffin                Shippensburg University
16 Jeff Townsley                ? 
Club Results
 1 Round Here Racing                                     12 pts
 2 South Mountain Velo Club                              16
 3 Antietam Velo Club                                    31
 4 Gettysburg Bicycle                                    37
 5 Shippensburg University                               38
 6 All others                                            51

2013 Overall Club Standings (after four rounds)
 1 Round Here Racing                                     66 pts
 2 South Mountain Velo Club                              77
 3 Antietam Velo Club                                    92
 4 Gettysburg Bicycle                                   111
 5 Shippensburg University                              138
 6 All others                                           165  

What Goates was thinking when he rode across the line.
What victory actually looked like (the woodsy landscape symbolizes the wholesale public apathy at what had just happened).
Alan, Eric, and Jere duking it out for the lower podium positions.

Joe finishing strong.

Monday, July 15, 2013

RESULTS: Ironmasters ITT, July 10

Ironmasters ITT, July 10, 2013
Men - Aero
1 Nathan Goates           Round Here Racing      24:15
2 Joe Kaehler             South Mountain Velo    26:05
3 Jim Hartnett            South Mountain Velo    26:57
4 Alan Royek              Round Here Racing  (timing error)
Men - Merckx
1 Christopher Woltemade   Antietam Velo Club     26:39
2 Brad Thompson           Shippensburg Univ.     27:48


Monday, July 1, 2013

le tour, stage 2

This is a terrific photo:

Click here for more.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

RESULTS: SMSS Round #3, King's Gap TT, June 26

Not a terribly impressive turnout for the King's Gap TT.  An unpopular event?  I know it's a pretty long haul for those east and south of the mountain, but I would have expected a more substantial turnout from the Carlisle-to-Mechanicsburg crowd. 

Anyway, a terribly hot, humid evening was made a little more bearable by a brief cloudburst just as we were getting underway, putting enough water on the road for a rider to make a nice little rooster tail, and, for this rider, getting in that road spray was downright refreshing.  Plus, sun showers on the ride back to Ship.  Bonus!

Round Here Racing jumped from third to first in the overall standings with a sweep of the podium, but also (and more importantly) because they were the only team to field a full contingent of riders.

AVC managed to erase the four point deficit SMVC had on them last month and tied things up.  After two rounds there were eight points separating the top three.  After three rounds the top three are within seven.  It's still anyone's game!

Remember, it's numbers that matter.  Show up with a full contingent of riders and you don't even have to do very well to shoot up in the standings. 

See you next month!

SMSS #3, King's Gap TT
June 26, 2013
Individual Results
 1 Micah Engle            Round Here Racing    12:01
 2 Nathan Goates          Round Here Racing    12:51
 3 Alan Royek             Round Here Racing    12:57
 4 Eric Diamond           AVC                  13:29
 5 Christopher Woltemade  AVC                  13:33
 6 Joe Kahler             SMVC                 14:22
 7 Jim Hartnett           SMVC                 15:32
Club Results
 1 Round Here Racing                           6 pts
 2 AVC                                        17*
 3 SMVC                                       21*
 4 All Others                                 24*

2013 Overall Club Standings (after three rounds)
 1 Round Here Racing                          54 pts
 2 AVC                                        61
 2 SMVC                                       61
 4 Gettysburg Bicycle                         74
 5 Shippensburg University                   100
 6 All Others                                114

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Sad Reminder...

It's a shame that this is my first post on the blog for Ship Cycling, but I felt that it'd be appropriate to convey how I've been feeling today on here.

About 2 weeks ago Alan, Chris T. and I went to the FCC ride that left from Britton Park. It was awesome! We had so much fun climbing 641 that Eric Diamond and Alan wanted to kick the ride up a few more miles and do a few more climbs. I joined the two of them, and joining us were two of Eric's co-workers/friends John Benton and Karim Ziyad. Of course Eric and Alan blazed up the hills with ease while I was stuck suffering about 1/4 mile behind them. During those suffering moments I began talking with Karim and John about how much the climbing sucked even though they didn't even seem like they were struggling. The two seemed like cool guys that enjoyed riding so I chatted with them a bit more during the ride. We ended up putting in a good 47 miles and 4,000 ft of climbing. After the ride, like always, we exchanged farewells and said that it was a pleasure riding with each other.

I saw on John's Strava account today that his friend Karim was killed while riding on the East side of Mont Alto, just off of Cold Spring Road.

This struck me hard. Although I didn't know Karim outside of that one 47 mile ride, I still felt the urge to write about him. He seemed like a cool guy, and it really doesn't seem fair. He shared the same passion that we all love; riding bikes. Things like this happen every day,  and it just comes as a reminder that we really do need to cherish our lives. I feel that we, as cyclists, need to be reminded about this while we are out doing what we do. We need to realize that if we take a turn too fast on a descent for that KOM, not look twice while crossing the road,  or try and make a pass while crossing into oncoming traffic, we could possibly be risking our life. At any given moment, we can slip-up and that would be it. 

As I began to think more into this I realized that this won't keep me from doing what I love to do. We all know the risks, we all have taken these risks, it's what we do. Thanks to everyone at Ship Cycling, I've learned some safety tips while on top of racing and I'm grateful to now have that knowledge. While I'm out on my next ride I"ll be enjoying the scenery, taking in the warm Summer air, loving the solidarity of being out in the countryside of Pennsylvania, and having deep conversations with myself about my life.
It's going to be a great ride, but I know that I'll be thinking about Karim. He'll be the reminder I need. 

Please be safe out there, everyone. It doesn't matter if you've been racing for years, or have been riding strictly on the trails. The risk is there and it could be in the form of a car, deer, tree, or rock.


Rest easy, Karim.

- Kyle

Thursday, June 6, 2013

the podium celebration

I feel I need to make a brief, general note on podium celebration and demeanor in the age of Facebook.  Why does FB change things?  Because before Facebook no one saw your podium celebration and no one cared.  But if you're going to post your podium shot on FB, well, we probably still don't care, but you should at least put a little effort into getting it right.

In short, you only get to lift both hands in the air if you won.  The end.  Or if the stage begins to collapse and if you failed to lift your hands you (and other innocents) would be crushed otherwise.  This is the first and most critical rule of podium celebration.

In lifting your arms, there should only be the slightest bend at the elbow, if any at all.  If your biceps are parallel to the surface you're standing on then you're doing it wrong.

The winner may also only lift one arm if he or she chooses to.

If you finished second or third, you should lift one arm, but it must be the arm furthest away from the winner.  Don't try to steal the winner's thunder.  It's his day, not yours.  You lost.

When you lift your hands, they should have something in them.  Like a trophy or a bouquet of flowers.  If you don't have anything to lift, your gesture should be as if you are celebrating, animated, the fingers unclenched and extended, as if waving (without actually waving) to an intimate friend from across a crowded room.

Also, if you finished second or third, it's sort of badass to look grumpy that you didn't win, but it shows better sportsmanship to look pleasant. 

The winner should always smile and otherwise demonstrate the utmost in grace and charm (which includes being gracious, both to the promoter and to fellow competitors).  Act like you're not unfamiliar with the top place on the podium, but that there's no place you'd rather be.

Podium celebration done right.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RESULTS: SMSS Round #2, Pine Grove RR, May 22

I thought we had a great little group tonight (16 riders!).  And great weather too!  We just squeezed it all in before the rain (in buckets) came through.

Exciting finish.  Goates, Little, and Klein came over the top of Bendersville Road Climb more or less together (Strava segment), but Marshall was able to rejoin the group at the bottom, near the General Store.  Goates attacked on the first roller.  No gap.  And Goates was the first to go on the second roller.  This time it took a bit more effort, but Little began to pull slowly around about 30 feet short of the line, while Marshall sped around with what was, whether purposeful or not, a perfectly timed burst of speed to just pip Little at the line.  The three finished all within a bike length of each other.

But even though Round Here Racing bookended the podium, Gettysburg Bicycle handily closed the deal on the club victory.  An impressive showing, boys!  (All it takes, apparently, is a little calling out...)

However, in the overall club standings (after two rounds), South Mountain Velo Club leads the way with 40 points.  Antietam Velo Club is second with 44 points, and Round Here Racing in third with 48.  But all top four teams are within 10 points, which is easily gained or lost in a single day.  

Good times!

Apologies for startling Alicia Clingan on Shippensburg Rd.  There's just no good way to play that...  Had we shouted something out it likely would have been just as startling.  Anyway, thanks for being a good sport.

Also, thanks to the team-less Mike Garretson and visiting Wade Turlington for guesting riding for Ship Cycling.  Somebody's gotta light a fire under these students and get them to show up for the races!

Next month: King's Gap Time Trial.  Check the schedule here.

SMSS #2, Pine Grove RR
May 22, 2013
Individual Results
 1 Jon Marshall           Round Here Racing
 2 Tom Little             Gettysburg Bicycle
 3 Nathan Goates          Round Here Racing
 4 Rick Klein             Gettysburg Bicycle
 5 Eric Noreen            Gettysburg Bicycle
 6 Eric Diamond           AVC
 7 Jere Ballard           SMVC
 8 Bob Scheungrab         SMVC
 9 Christopher Woltemade  AVC
10 Joe Kahler             SMVC
11 Mike Garretson         Shippensburg University (guest rider)
12 mystery rider          Gettysburg Bicycle
13 Matt Tetter            Gettysburg Bicycle
14 Wade Turlington        Shippensburg University (guest rider)
15 Jim Hartnett           SMVC
16 Garrett Myers          Shippensburg University    
Club Results
 1 Gettysburg Bicycle                                    11 pts
 2 Round Here Racing                                     21*
 3 South Mountain Velo Club (SMVC)                       25
 4 Antietam Velo Club (AVC)                              32* 
 5 Shippensburg University                               41
 6 All others                                            51*
* When a team doesn't field a unit on a given day they're given a score as if they did have three riders present, but finishing after all other scored riders. 

2013 Overall Club Standings (after two rounds)
 1 SMVC                                                  40 pts
 2 AVC                                                   44
 3 Round Here Racing                                     48
 4 Gettysburg Bicycle                                    50
 5 Shippensburg University                               76 
 6 All others                                            90