Monday, March 30, 2009

The Killers lead singer looks like my Bio prof.

Congrats to Joe, Ryan, Chop and Dr. Goates for surviving in the rain this weekend. I rode Saturday and Sunday but without the excitement of cheering fans. I did find a new farm that had sheep and some bulls, woooo. My bike always looks nice with some mud on it. Sadly, it will soon be relegated to secondary bike or hopefully to my girlfriend. I'm going tomorrow to test ride a Cervelo S1. If everything goes well I should be bringing one home by sometime next week. I got my Trek 1000 for Christmas in 2006. I've had no problems with it and for a first road bike it has served me well. If I hadn't got it back in 2006 I probably would still be a running my butt off thinking that something has to be more fun than this. Moving along,..... I'm pumped about the TNR tomorrow. The weather looks great and I took the day off so I can definitely throw it all down tomorrow afternoon.

Woops, that's a Downer!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tnr, a report from the field

What was it? The weather?

Well, whatever it was that kept last week's crowd away, we still had a great ride with a select group of six. Including two first-timers...David & Luke Bateman. A hearty welcome to the Bateman boys.

A few shots from the 03.24.09 tnr action:

A few more pics of wunderkid Luke B.:

I gotta say, I had a great time working together with Luke, putting distance on Dad and chasing down Ryan. Such fun. And this kid was born the last year Miguel Indurain won his last Tour de France...

Deleware Pics for Your Enjoyment

They're mostly of Jon... but there's some fun ones at the end!
"Triple Rack... On The BACK"
Biggest Gum Balls EVER from ACME! Chop and I enjoyed them after our chicken.This is a picture of Jon Marshall trying to get us disqualified from the races this weekend. No one else was using the woods, but he just couldn't wait! ha ha
(just kidding, all three of us used the outdoors facilities along with 10 other racers)

Monday, March 23, 2009

tnr 03.23.09

On tap tomorrow: tnr weather forecast is sunny and mid 40s. Wear your high socks and you'll be fine. The action will warm you up.

If there are 10 or more again (there will be) we'll do an A group, B group thing. Probably a three-minute handicap for the A group. The goal for B groupers is to stay away...or to hang on to the A groupers when they come by.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Domination in Delaware

Chop, Cody and I just finished dominating the ACME store across the street. Cody and Chop just killed and dominated a rotisserie chicken. I went with the eight piece Fried Chicken and batted six for eight so I will have a little post race food tomorrow. This is our second meal since four. We went to Bob Even's around four and also dominated in style. We all got the beef pot roast over mashed potatoes and a biscuit. Cody and I also added a large pancake as a topper. The waitress also took her fair share of generous comments towards me, but she was having a bad day so we accepted her kindness. I also just downed half a container of Pringles.

The racing today was brutal with some serious climbing. Around mile seven a long climb through the woods really took its tool on my legs. They didn't split the mens C field today so I was up against some new D1 opponents. I wasn't feeling that hot after the first lap so I raced as smart as possible the second lap because I was hurting. The group didn't really break up the first 17 mile lap but seven miles into the second lap in the hills I pulled up to the front and got in a 10 man break. We actually did some serious pace lining and it kicked my butt. I had a close call when someone flew out wide for some unknown reason taking my front wheel out, I locked the back wheel up and slid around for a little and unclipping it the process. I recovered pretty quickly and was able to catch back up to the break. I didn't have much for the finish but was respectable and pulled out fifth.

Matt and Cody's field was split into D1 and D2 categories like normal and Matt had his best finish of the year. Finishing in the lead pack and pulling out a seventh and scoring Ship some D2 points.

Our hotel is a fun Ramada and smells a little like sweat and greasy chicken. We just have the crit tomorrow. Cody and Matt race at 10:30 and I race around noon. Should be another dandy day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

flying the colors at the michaux mash

Props to Rider Big E for flying the colors amongst the knobby tire crowd last weekend.

Props to Singlespeeder for the pics (please don't get mad at me for stealing).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tnr, the pics

A great ride this evening. A. Great. Ride.

Count 'em...15 riders converged on Cleversburg for the biggest Tuesday Night Race yet.

(Actually, don't count heads in those pictures. We're missing a few heads...and we had three that showed up a little late.)

Shout outs to:

joe (had to bail early for class...darn professors)
josef (both gettysburg college profs)
dr tom
m. gallagher
rider big e
& goat

the break

the chase

the aaron

more chasers

a lone warrior

Thanks y'all for coming out to ride. It was beautiful weather and a great time. Next week...same time, same place.

Be there or get slower!

tnr 03.17.09

On tap today: The Tuesday Night Races (and temps in the mid 50s). Dee-light-full.

You know the drill. Ride starts at 5:30 pm at the corner of Airport and High...

(links to interactive map and map with explanation)

...four laps = 20 miles. Plus two sprint lines per lap. Five points for first, three points for second, one point for third. Awards (congratulatory fist bumps and SU Cycling blog bragging rights) for both the overall and points podiums.

If you're driving, you can park at Southhampton township park, about one mile directly west of the starting point on Airport Rd, at the corner of Airport and Neil. Easy access to the park from the Walnut Bottom Rd/north Shippensburg exit.

Please comment below if you've questions.

I expect 6-8 of the regular Shippensburg crew. Also, first timers Dan and Dr. Tom have confirmed for tomorrow. The Bateman boys should be there (I hope). M. Laser, M. Gallagher, and C. Woltemade have all been threatening to attend. And will this be the week that the Gettysburg College folks accept our invitation? If YOU (you, the person reading this) come, we could easily have a crew of upwards of 15 riders. Which would be great.

Come support the SU crew. They need to train with you to get fast. (And training with them will make you fast.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ride to Big E's

I went out and climbed Big Flat Sunday on a whim... since I missed the Saturday morning ride (which from the pictures, looked awesome). Anyways, I got bored and figured out the elevation and distances for the ride.

It starts from Earl Street (Old Main) and follows King to Queen, Up South Mountain (Big Flat), Down the other side, ~ to Big E's crib, then back the same way.

So if anyone climbs and comes back up the other side, this is what you do.... if anyone cares.

Have Fun, Can't wait to see the crew tomorrow night at the Tues. Night Races!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

btogs, a photo shoot

Some of the team was out being noble, helping with the spring clean up at the King's Gap Environmental Education dealy.

The rest of us went for a ride.

The weather wasn't as awesome as I'd hoped, but no rain and no wind, so it's hard to complain.

The crew, posing for their individual photo shoots.

(The cameraman will remain annoynomous...he may or many not have been there. Nothing can be proved.)

Route: Shippensburg to King's Gap via Walnut Bottom and Pine Roads. From King's Gap to Mt. Holly Springs, around the northeast corner of Michaux and then back again on Pine Grove Furnace Road. Over Big Flat on Shippensburg Road then back into town.

Around 60 miles total. Three plus hours ride time.

Next Saturday, University of Delware's Blue Hen Dual State Showdown in Newark, Delaware.

Friday, March 13, 2009

btogs -- 03.14.09

Saturday btogs at 9am. Around 3 hours. Casual pace, but there will be come climbing. Shoot me a note (or text) if you plan on coming and want us to wait.

Meet at the goat farm (116 w king st, shippensburg).

Late Night Boredom

I just spent the last 20 minutes playing around in Photoshop. Joe I will get one of you tomorrow but I'm to tired right now. I'll be putting up all my shots on the yahoo group folder thingy like Cody did. Sometimes I feel like doing a good solo ride, I busted down Queen Street today and climbed that mountain, Big Flat, South Mountain or whatever. I love climbing it, the ride down is always the worst part, due to the cold. I was pretty buzzed at the top but it was good. I tore down and back to ship all in time to make dinner with my girlfriend. I'll be in West Virginia this weekend doing some hiking and tennis so my next ride won't be until Monday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Bicycle Advocacy Ode

I (well Jon) found this in his '09' Cannondale catalog and I thought it would be fun to share. I thought it was ironic that I found this as I am thinking of making an old steel frame I have into a single speed for around town. (project delayed due to lack of funds though...)
The Bicycle Advocacy Ode:

Ride a bike. Ride a good one. Pick your route to work, school, or to the grocery store. Skim quietly past the bored multitudes stuck inside tin coffins on the expressway during rush hour. Ride along the street, waving to pedestrians and grinning wildly with the pleasure of riding a bicycle. Remember that Einstein thought of the Theory of Relativity while riding his bicycle. Get on a bike instead of sitting on a sofa at home, stuffing your face with fried foods and farting while watching soul-killing shows about amateurs singing badly. Ride your bicycle for the good of the planet, using it for transportation and recreation. Ride your way to freedom from high oil prices. Ride for self-reliance. Ride Your Bike.
(One depressing thing, Einstein thought of his Theory of Relativity in 1916, and he was not on a bicycle. I just watched an Einstein special on the History Channel today, and It was much later at a different University in Europe where he was seen riding his bike a lot around campus). Oh well....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Flat Climb

Well I wasn't able to stay for tonight's TNR as much as I wanted too, especially with some of our special guests Ex:Ryan, ha ha. At least me and Matt were able to climb up big flat to the top and then made our way back down to the valley so Matt could stay for the race.

And here is the true riders from tonights TNR, I took the picture so I wasnt in it.

tnr 03.10.09

I guess the dark skies scared a few off, but too bad for them...the six of us enjoyed dry roads, pleasant weather, and some lung-burning, attack-filled racing. Good stuff.

Here's the crew (Joe showed up for the photo shoot then flew the coop):

Congrats to first-timer Ryan (horn-diggity-dog).

I think we've had a total of nine (maybe 10?) riders at the tuesday night races. Now, if we can just get them all out on the same day. But what's up with all the no-shows? The time changed, but your attendance status didn't... I had verbal commitments from SEVEN riders that didn't show. You know who you are...


Somehow it turns out Jon and I are the only ones to finish the four laps each week (well, Cody usually does, but today had bad luck with a cleat, so had to throw in the towel early). Here's a couple of shots of Jon coming in with a strong finish:

(Jon, too fast for the camera...)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ECCC Opening Weekend

OK, Race Report for the Rutgers/Princeton races this past weekend.

We had four strong riders attend the opening of the ECCC race season, we had Jon, Matt, Cody, and Joe. First off I want to say how impressed I was with our accomplishments this weekend, I for one didn't think I had it in myself to complete 3 races in 2 days. For the ITT Men's D race with 122 riders we had Matt with 82nd, Joe with 84th, and Cody with 88th. For Men's C, sorry Jon I forget what exactly you placed but I think it was 40-something. The next race on Saturday, the Men's Crit: Jon raced the Men's C2 (45 racers) pulling in 4th place!!!, for Men's D2 (64 racers) , we had Matt with 14th, Joe with 40th, and Cody 46th. Then finally for the last day the road race circuit, for Men's D2 (52 racers) we had Matt at 28th, Joe at 35th and Cody at 39th. I think we can all walk away this weekend happy with what we did. We can also be glad that no one wrecked, even though we saw our fair share of them for one weekend, and the bikes held up with no problems during the races, except Cody right before the Crit with a wheel/spoke failure. I am excited for the rest of the season to see how we all do and cant wait to get some more time in the saddle....Dr. Goats, you where right...I got hooked.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Tour of Marysville / Perry County"

Today Chop and I went out for a long and great ride. I have to say, it was a lot of fun! Beautiful day, Chop had a great route with a bit of everything: 3-4 short (but decently steep) climbs, big rolling hills, and some flats. We did 47.5 miles, about 3 hours, and averaged about 16.3 mph. It was good, long and hard enough to get a good work out, but not enough to wear us out for the weekend. I also taught Chop the "Sign" game that Jon and I play every once in a while. (someone yells Sign, the everyone around sprints to the next big road sign).

Pictures will be posted as soon as I get my photo uploading stuff that I left at Ship.

I did learn something today, don't get the Strawberry-Banana Gel Packs. They taste like bad melted rock candy. Chop said the Vanilla isn't to bad, I might invest.

Also, I have a bad habit of coming home after a ride, not stretching, getting a shower, and not eating anything for a long while (Jon yells at me, a lot). Well today I had a protein bar, pork, Chocolate Milk, and Oatmeal and Stretched out well. Also just had a Peanut Butter Milkshake and Steak For dinner. Feeling Good!

Hope everyone is having a good break! See ya'll soon.

Navy Crit. Pictures

Sorry for the delay... there's more pictures of Jon because he was too lazy to take pictures of us. ha ha, jk
D Start / Race

C Start / Race

And Jon's stellar finish.... Mr. I'm too good to sprint the whole way to the finish. ha ha.