Thursday, May 6, 2010

starlight circle race #2 (may 5)

The action was hot at the Cinco de Mayo edition of the Starlight Circle Race last night. Word must be getting out because last night we had spectators. Six of them--five humans and one dog.

The night belonged to 2M. Not wanting to disappoint the crowd, 2M opened fire immediately after the mandated three lap warm-up period. A gap opened and a three-man chase (Brad, Conroy, and the Goater) formed. The gap held at around five to six seconds for most of the race, 2M reasonably motivated to hold his lead and the chase group, slowing dwindling in numbers (Brad was the first to fall off the pace, then Conroy), not super motivated to reel him in.

"Our plan was to let him dangle out there," said a unenthusiastic Goater afterward. "If we caught him within two laps to go that would be perfect. Although we weren't planning on a 'catch,' but blow-right-past humiliation."

But the catch apparently came too soon--with three laps to go--because no one "blew right past" anyone, until the finishing stretch, where a recovered 2M asserted his dominance with a furious finishing sprint and won by two dozen bike lengths.

Results from Round 2:

(1) 2m, 25 pts
(2) dr goatesauce, 20 pts
(3) conroy, 16 pts
(4) d grace, 13 pts
(5) brad, 11 pts
(6) jimmy, 10 pts
(7) kelly flantastic, 9 pts

Women's results:

(1) kelly flantastic, 25 pts

Combined point standings after two rounds:

(1) 2m, 45 pts
(1) dr goatesauce, 45 pts
(3) conroy, 32 pts
(4) d grace, 26 pts
(5) jimmy, 21 pts
(6) kelly flantastic, 19 pts
(7) brad, 11 pts

Women's standings after two rounds:

(1) kelly flantastic, 50 pts

The podium:

The DNF pile (there was something about some stupid track meet):

Two-thirds of our spectators:

See y'all again on the 19th!

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goat said...

I just noticed that Mike was the only one wearing Ship Cycling socks.

That probably made all the difference...