Saturday, November 17, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare yourself for the most awesome, thrilling, and breath-taking event ever to be hosted on the grounds of Shippensburg University. It is the 2013 Shippensburg Scurry!!! That's right, for one weekend only the athletes of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference will be tearing up the roads of Shippensburg as they battle for points in the sixth week of competition. They will take part in an on campus crit, a mass start hill climb, and the extremely radical Horse Killer Road Race! The dates for this event are April 6th and 7th. Tickets are going fast so get yours today, (make checks payable to Alan Royek ;-) ).

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Race Weekend Update

Report via Micheal Poland:

Race report in 250 words: Ship scored some nice collegiate points this weekend at two cyclocross races in NJ. Day one- In the wastelands of Jersey "too cool to dismount for barriers" Alan suffered a minor setback in his race when he tried to bunny hop over a barrier but failed miserably and fell but still managed to get 8th overall and 1st for collegiate in the Men's B. I did okay in my first cyclocross race and edged past a Drexel Dragon(out of fire) at the end in C's. Rich also helped score some points in the C's. Day Two: First a shout out to Jake Sitler(recent SU alum) for coming in 19th in the mens UCI Elite(according to velonews) in his first cross season. Sitlers fan boy entourage he brought with him from Ship provided some colorful, harassing, sexist commentary for other riders throughout the day I shall not write down on this page. Alan again pulled the team with a 14th place overall 1st place collegiate finish in the B race while I finished 6th for collegiate riders in C's and Rich again added some points in the C's too. Waah my legs hurt Erik(yes Erik I just called you out) pulled himself from the race. 

Great weekend, I had fun. Thanks Paul for letting us sleep at your place. I have more photos of you if you want them, email me at richard.a.abel(at) if you want them!

Hello Sandy!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

su cycling 2013 final kit design

Is it our best design ever?  Probably.  Are you going to be so much faster wearing this stuff?  Certainly.  Is it annoying when people make affirmative comments through a question-and-answer rhetorical style?  Absolutely.

We are gonna look H-A-U-T-E!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

General Update

So I think I promised a blog update a month ago? Even if I didn't I think it is long overdue. Anyways, here is the sorts of trouble we have been getting into since school started in no real specific order...

Iron Cross
Jeremy, Goates, Alan, and myself took part in this massive CX gathering. I had an awesome time, very chill atmosphere. Jeremy and Goates were our top finishers for this bad boy. Special thanks to the rest of the team who came out to marshall the event so some of us could ride for free!
Powerline trail climb on the 50k

Steve and I being weird at the first rest stop. Photo credit Kyle Irwin.

The rest of the photos are taken from here.
Some of our team volunteers THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

Because my bike is never actually fixed, even 2 minutes before a race...

Starting line, if you look dead center you can see someone. Looks like Alan?

Goates doing some climbing

TT Brain was there to play

I was all smiles, even after going face first of my handlebars on to a rock. I am still a bit sore. Totally worth it.

More of Goates


Jeremy on the podium!

Friday 'Nobody Gets Dropped' rides
(or NGD) These have really taken off over the past few weeks. It is the only time we have set team ride until spring. They usually consist of Alan and Jon clowning around. Chill and fun ride, Friday 4:15, Old Main. Be there!

Who has bigger legs? Alan or Jon?
Jeremy and Michael set up some homecoming festivities this year! Here is a photo. Cyclists on rollers really attracted a crowd. Everyone fell over, everyone had fun. We had one alumni show up, Chris T!

Fall Colors
Well its fall, soon it will be super cold outside making things conditions less than ideal for cycling. In the meantime we can always take in the beautiful fall foliage.
Kyle and Ben W.

See you on the road!

Monday, October 15, 2012

sailing ship in colorado

(I know, I know...  But who can resist such a lovely play on words?)

Michael Drager, Shippensburg University professor, sailing Ship at the USA Cycling Pro Challenge earlier this year.
Where has your jersey been?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

starlight circles, 9/20


 1 Steve     10 pts
 2 Jeremy     7
 3 Kyle       5
 4 Rich       4
 5 Ben H.     3



 1 Steve      34 pts
 2 Jeremy     24
 3 Kyle       20
 4 Erik       12
 5 Rich       11
 6 Ben H.      6
   Chris T.    6 
 8 Kevin       5
 9 Jay         3
   Michael     3
11 Tyler Lee   2


 1 Lori       10  

starlight circles, 9/12



 1 Steve      10 pts
 2 Jeremy      7
 3 Erik        5
 4 Chris T.    4
 5 Kyle        3
 6 Jay         2
 7 Rich        1
 8 Tyler Lee   1
 9 Kevin       1


 1 Lori       10



 1 Steve      24 pts
 2 Jeremy     17
 3 Kyle       15
 4 Erik       12
 5 Rich        7
 6 Chris T.    6
 7 Kevin       5
 8 Jay         3
   Michael     3
   Ben H.      3
11 Tyler Lee   2*  


 1 Lori       10

*Do I have the right Tyler here...or have there been two Tylers?

starlight circles, 9/6


 1 Steve     10 pts
 2 Kyle       7 
 3 Rich       5
 4 Kevin      4
 5 Ben H.     3


 1 Steve     14 pts
 2 Kyle      12 
 3 Jeremy    10
 4 Erik       7
 5 Rich       6
 6 Kevin      4
 7 Michael    3
   Ben H.     3
 9 Chris      2
10 Tyler      1
   Jay        1

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


TUESDAY (today):

So we haven’t talked about or made plans for the TNR tonight.  (For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, the TNR is our usual Tuesday evening training race—but it’s more of a _thing_ in the spring.  Click here for more details.)

This week we're joining the Franklin County Cyclists on their weekly Tuesday ride.  Today, their ride leaves from Shippensburg Township Park (Britton Rd Park) at 5:30.  That’s just right in our back yard.  Look at their FB page for details.  

The A group on these rides usually rides to the top of RT 641, Timmon's Gap (above Roxbury), and back.  But the B and C groups will be doing other stuff.  The C group rides slow and totally chill.  There’s something for everyone.

Wear SHIP stuff if you’ve got it.  Talk to people.  Make friends.  Make a pitch for sponsorship dough if it’s appropriate.  :-)


Remember, team time trial tomorrow, 6:00 pm.  Part of the South Mountain Summer Smackdown series.  Meet at the Twirly Top restaurant on Pine Grove Rd and Rt 34. 

Who’s going?  Who has room in their car to give rides?  Email the group...


Starlight Circle Race this week on Thursday, 9:00 pm.  Meet a few minutes before at the corner of Brenton and Richwalter (in Shippensburg—Google it).

Bring lights!  A headlight is most critical…but having both is good.


No-One-Gets-Dropped Ride.  4:15.  Meet at the Old Main circle.

Party at Rich’s later in the evening.


BTOGS.  I’ve at least a four hour endurance ride planned.  Probably try to leave about 7:30 am.  I can plan alternative shorter routes for those interested, but not in four hours of riding.  But you need to let me know.

Monday, September 3, 2012

better-than-labor labor day century

A great ride with the boys today.  A solid 100 miles of riding, over 6100 feet of elevation gain.  Four students (Alan, Erik, Jeremy, and Steve), one alum (Jon), and two profs (Woltemade and Goates).  Y'all made my Labor Day lovely.

Find the ride on Strava here.

Friday, August 31, 2012

starlight circles, 8/30

A great race last night.  Nine riders.  Eight students.  Three Starlight Circle Race virgins.  Love it.


 1 Jeremy   10 pts
 2 Erik      7
 3 Kyle      5
 4 Steve     4
 5 Michael   3
 6 Chris     2
 7 Tyler     1
 8 Jay       1
 9 Rich      1

Remember, it's a five-week series.  Prizes for overall podium...special prizes for folks who make it every week...or four of five...

Next week, Thursday again.  After that, Wednesday.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

SMSS #4, August 8

august 8, 2012 
south mountain summer smackdown, round 4 
caledonia road race 
individual results
 1 Brian Hopkins            Mountainside Ski & Sport 
 2 Pete LoBianco            Shippensburg University 
 3 Eric Noreen              SMV
 4 Jake Stitler             Shippensburg University 
 5 Bob Scheungrab           SMV 
 6 Eric Diamond             Mountainside Ski & Sport 
 7 Christopher Woltemade    Shippensburg University 
 8 Nathan Goates            Mountainside Ski & Sport 
 9 Joe Kahler               SMV 
10 Steve Bussey             Shippensburg University 
11 Ethan Rissell            Shippensburg University 
12 Rick                     Franklin County Cyclists 
13 Rich Abel                Shippensburg University 
14 Jim Harnett              SMV 

club results 
 1 Shippensburg University                  13 
 2 Mountainside Ski & Sport                 15 
 3 South Mountain Velo                      17 
 4 Franklin County Cyclists                 42* 

* When a team doesn't field a unit on a given day, as FCC, they're given a score as if they did have three riders present, but finishing after all other scorable riders. 

2012 overall standings (after four rounds) 
                                             # of 
                                             weeks pts 
club results 
 1 South Mountain Velo                       4      59 
 2 Shippensburg University                   4      69
 3 Gettysburg Bicycle                        2     133*
 4 Mountainside Ski & Sport                  2     138* 
 5 Franklin County Cyclists                  2     183*
 6 MBM                                       1     204*

* When a team doesn't field a unit on a given day they're given a score as if they did have three riders present, but finishing after all other scorable riders.

SMSS #3, June 27

june 27, 2012 
south mountain summer smackdown, round 3 
ironmasters individual merckx style time trial 

individual results ---------------------------------------------------- 
 1 Patrick Hankins          SMV 
 2 Joe Kaehler              SMV 
 3 Tim Rohrbaugh            SMV
 4 Jim Hartnett             SMV
 5 Cliff Feldman            SMV
 6 Michael Elliott          Franklin County Cyclists
 7 Kyle Helder              ?
 8 Fred Galarza             Franklin County Cyclists
 9 Steve Bussey             Shippensburg University
10 Chris Townsley           Shippensburg University 
11 Hans Bakermans           MBM 
12 Rich Abel                Shippensburg University 
13 Karen Keefer             Franklin County Cyclists 
14 David Brodmann*          Franklin County Cyclists 

* flat tire 

club results 
 1 South Mountain Velo                       6* 
 2 Franklin County Cyclists                 27
 3 Shippensburg University                  31
 4 MBM                                      45** 

* a perfect score 
** When a team doesn't field a unit on a given day, as MBM, they're given a score as if they did have three riders present, but finishing after all other scorable riders. 

2012 overall standings (after three rounds) 
                                             # of 
                                             weeks pts 
club results ------------------------------------------------------ 
 1 South Mountain Velo                       3      42 
 2 Shippensburg University                   3      56
 3 Gettysburg Bicycle                        2      88*
 4 Mountainside Ski & Sport                  1     123*
 5 Franklin County Cyclists                  1     141*
 6 MBM                                       1     159* 

* When a team doesn't field a unit on a given day they're given a score as if they did have three riders present, but finishing after all other scorable riders.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Prize money

I question that I wonder is why does amateur cycling races pay out decent money for top place finishers but other amateur races like running and triathlons pay out relatively little.  I know the time spent planning and all the costs associated with putting on any amateur event is much larger than one would think and there isn’t much margin to award a lot of money to winners.   Bike races, runs, and triathlons all have entry fees that in most cases they aren’t cheap,(at least not to a college student) why is it that bike races pay out prize money with a purse usually in the thousands of dollars range while other events pay out a prize purse of a few hundred dollars to usually only the top 3 men and women finishers overall and some pay out nothing at all. 
So far I have a few reasons why bike races pay out money.  1) is that having prize money will attract elite racers who would otherwise be unwilling to travel  to the race and that in turn provides the local spectators a reason to come out rather than just see the people from around the area race.  More spectators also attract sponsors who will pay race organizers money to have their logo displayed, and sponsorship money can be the difference between losing money and breaking even.  Running races and triathlons might not want elite athletes from out of the area to come and instead give the locals a chance to compete.  For example the 5 mile Red Rose run in Lancaster County used to pay out somewhere around $1000 dollars to first place men and women but locals had the odds of winning against them because instead professional runners from major cities like Philly came in and won the prize money.  
2) Is that cycling is a big investment to those who compete.  While no amateur racer really expects to recoup what they spent on their bike, equipment, and training much less make a livable profit on racing, it at least can help reduce the cost.  Running requires only a pair of sneakers and a watch maybe, which is pennies in comparison what cyclists spend.  Triathlons have equipment costs that somewhat resembles what cyclists spend but have nowhere near the prize money.  My sister came in 1st place at out of 200 or so females at a local tri and all she got was a trophy.   Her discounted early entry fee was around $75 too.  And unlike most elite cyclists who have a team pay for entry fees, the money came out of her pocket. 
3) Most running races like the Saturday morning 5k have a charity benefit and the goal is to donate as much money as possible.  So you would feel pretty guilty if you got a big check for winning when a charity probably needs the money more.  Also most running races and tri’s will give each participant regardless of finishing place a goody bag filled with a t-shirt printed with the sponsor logo soup, water bottle, some coupons, and other little things.  So everyone walks away with something rather than just the top finishers.  I have never seen that at a bike race.  Bike races sometimes have a charity benefit, but often are put on by for profit companies or local clubs looking to break even. 
I have a lot of respect for runners and triathletes who do local races just for personal goals or bragging rights and not for prize money.  While I am not saying there is anything wrong with the amount of prize money given out in cycling or think it should be changed, but I think there are some benefits of having a reduced payout.  1) Maybe more races?  Having to pay out less money would make less of a financial risk of breaking even to anyone putting on a race.  2) Lower entry fees especially for cat 4 and 5’s who often have to pay the same as the 1/2/3 race to help subsidize the substantially bigger elite category payout.  3) Less aggressive riding especially during the final sprint.  Maybe everyone can learn how to just have fun racing instead of getting all worked up over who attacked during the feed zone or sat in for the sprint. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hey race fans,

I was surfing the interwebs and found a real gem. This fella here uploads all the major tours and races he can get to his youtube account in full 1080p!
He hasn't been shut down yet, so check him out!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Philly Pro Cycling Tour video footage

Hey race fans,

Some of us went to Philly to watch the big race and was it a memorable experience! If you didn't make it or missed it on Comcast that night, this video should help you feel the excitement!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

SMSS #2, May 30 (race report)

Twenty-two riders rolled up to the start of the Pine Grove Furnace Road Race (South Mountain Summer Smackdown Round #2) on a delightful late spring evening.  (Who doesn't think that the Michaux State Forest is simply a treasure, any time of year, but I swear it's at its prettiest in May.)  Twenty-two riders.  That's probably some kind of Summer Smackdown record.  Or, if not, it's pretty close.

To the chagrin of many, things heated up quickly and the group began shedding riders right from the leg-burning get-go.  The flats after the Ironmasters Mansion offered brief respite, but soon the impatient climbers again began to break legs as the pitch steepened.  In fact, an early split in the peloton was cause for some concern, but a quick response by several riders brought things back together prior to the left-hander onto Shippensburg Rd.

Once over Pine Mountain Ridge and onto hilly Wenksville Road, the lead group had thinned to nine riders, Mike Keefer (SMV), Jake Sitler (SU), Jon Marshall (SU), Brian Hopkins (Mtnside), Michael Garrettson (Mtnside), Tom Little (Gettysburg Bicycle), Bob Scheungrab (SMV), Pete LoBianco (SU), and Nathan Goates (SU).

The run-in to the base of Bendersville/Pine Grove Furnace Road saw little more than halfhearted attacks and uncommitted pace-setting, but as the lead nine turned toward the climb the air turned thick with anticipation, a palpable anxiousness.

With the road turned upward, Sitler was the first to go, quickly distancing himself from known strongman Keefer, who led the rest of the strung out group.  Sitler's attack probably came as something of a surprise, as the lithe collegiate track/cross-country star was an unknown on the bike.  But a confident Keefer rode his own pace behind, never losing sight, and quickly distancing the rest of the merry band on the way up the uneven pavement toward the Pine Mountain Ridge summit.  Behind, the slow-starting Goates began his push and quickly moved from the rear to third position, leading a two-man chase, only Marshall managing to stick to his wheel.

By the summit, Keefer had caught Sitler and the two rode over side-by-side.  Fifteen seconds back Goates and Marshall rolled over, but were able to close the gap early on the descent, the lightweight leaders little match for the mass-aided descending speed of Goates.

On the run to the finish, Keefer recognized the statistical difficulty of his position, as the Shippensburg University riders attacked in turn, forcing the mountain biker to do the chasing.  In the end, a well-timed attack from Goates in the final kilometer put the nail in the coffin for Keefer, as his chase offered the speedy Marshall all the spring he needed to easily distance himself on the uphill sprint for a lead of a dozen bike lengths as he coasted across the finish line.

In the team competition, Shippensburg University (8 points) took a brilliant victory, avenging their last-placed finish in the Round 1 hill climb.  South Mountain Velo finished second (21 points) while Gettysburg Bicycle and Mountainside Ski & Sport tied for third (30 points).

In the overall standings, Shippensburg University takes over the Summer Smackdown series lead with 25 points after two rounds.  South Mountain Velo is next with 36 points.  Gettysburg Bicycle and Mountainside Ski & Sport follow with 43 and 78 points.

SMSS #2, May 30

may 30, 2012
south mountain summer smackdown, round 2
pine grove furnace road race

individual results
 1  Jon Marshall            Shippensburg University
 2  Mike Keefer             SMV
 3  Jake Sitler             Shippensburg University 
 4  Nathan Goates           Shippensburg University
 5  Tom Little              Gettysburg Bicycle
 6  Michael Garrettson      Mountainside Ski & Sport
 7  Pete LoBianco           Shippensburg University
 8  Bob Scheungrab          SMV
 9  Eric Noreen             Gettysburg Bicycle
10  Mike Funk               Mountainside Ski & Sport
11  Joe Kaehler             SMV
12  Pat Hankins             SMV
13  Jeremy White            Shippensburg University
14  Brian Hopkins           Mountainside Ski & Sport
15  Jim Hartnett            SMV
16  Rick Ackerman           Gettysburg Bicycle (guest rider)
17  Chris Townsley          Shippensburg University
18  Steve Bussey            Shippensburg University
19  Fred Galarza            Gettysburg Bicycle (guest rider)
20  Eric Jett               Gettysburg Bicycle (guest rider)
21  Rich Able               Shippensburg University
    Earl Brown (dnf, chain) SMV
club results
 1  Shippensburg University                  8 
 2  South Mountain Velo (SMV)               21
 3  Gettysburg Bicycle                      30
 3  Mountainside Ski & Sport                30

2012 overall standings
(after two rounds)
                                            # of 
                                            weeks  pts
club results
 1 Shippensburg University                  2       25
 2 South Mountain Velo                      2       36
 3 Gettysburg Bicycle                       2       43
 4 Mountainside Ski & Sport                 1       78*
* When a team doesn't field a unit on a given day, as Mountainside didn't for the hill climb, they're given a score as if they did have three riders present, but finishing after all other scorable riders.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ship Cycling Movie Stars

Ok, so we might not be heading to the Hollywood Hills anytime but we still had a great time. As some of you know, Goates got an email about a movie needed cycling extras. Chris T., Goates, and myself answered the call. I grabbed some photos while I was down there. We then stopped here for some fantastic BBQ, seriously check it out.

Breakfast bike line up

"starting" line

Chris T. ready to go

Goates pondering something

Can't see it too well but look at the actress's kit, she had arm warmers on...

I was heart broken to find out this was Olivia Wilde's double, i missed her during a nap

Photo bombed!

SU Cycling #1