Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Goals

Ok, here are some goals so Jon and Chop don't feel so alone in revealing their goals to all who read the blog.
1. No DFL's unless there is some sort of mechanical failure.
2. I want to be competitive in each race finishing with the main pack and competing for the win.
3. I want to win at least one race during the season.
4. I want to improve my climbing, tactics, and bike handling skills as I gain experience racing with a group.
5. I want to develop sculpted calves.
6. I want to spot and admire at least one person (preferrably female) who makes wearing spandex an art form.
7. And of course have fun.


Emily said...

lol, your goal is to ogle biker chicks? :D

Maret said...

Pete... you are gonna want to check out Brown, Bucknell, UDel, and... PSU. Stay away from Army...

Pete said...

Ogle sounds so bad. More like appreciate. Plus I can appreciate anyone that makes spandex look good.l

goat said...

Pete, if this is your way of asking permission to draft me with regularity, permission granted.

So long as there is no touching involved, you just go on "appreciating" or "ogling" or whatever. I'm not ashamed.