Thursday, June 24, 2010

starlight circle race #5 (june 23)

Fun to have Bri-Hop join us for the fun (though not fun that I couldn't drop him, try as I did). Many happy returns...

Also awesome to have the flegal eagle with us again. He broke his bike on Sunday and still found a way to make it.

D Grace had to work. 2M was playing with a girl, so he was excused. But Chop, Cody, and Zach...would have liked to see y'all...

Results from Round 5:

(1) jonny m, 25 pts
(2) bri-hop, 20 pts
(3) dr goatesauce, 16 pts
(4) chris, the flegal eagle, 13 pts
(5) jimmy, 11 pts

Combined point standings after five rounds:

(1) dr goatesauce, 93 pts
(2) 2m, 90 pts
(3) jonny m, 70 pts
(4) jimmy, 42 pts
(5) d grace, 39 pts
(6) conroy, 32 pts
(7) chris, the flegal eagle, 26 pts
(8) bri-hop, 20 pts
(9) kelly flantastic, 19 pts
(10) co-dee, 11 pts
(11) su track & cc runner whose-name-I-can't-remember, 11 pts
(12) brad, 11 pts

Women's standings after three rounds:

(1) kelly flantastic, 50 pts

Next round: Not sure. On the next three Wednesdays we've rounds two, three, and four of the South Mountain Summer Smackdown scheduled, so we probably won't pick up the Starlight Circle Races again until after all that wraps up. At least, that's my thinking. I could be persuaded otherwise.

See you next week at the Smackdown RR!

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