Monday, May 5, 2014

5th for Royek at USAC Collegiate Nats!

Congratulations to Alan Royek, junior, Shippensburg University Cycling, for his outstanding performance at Nationals this weekend!

A hard-fought 5th place in the DII road race...after having spent 16-17 miles off the front, solo, during laps four & five of the seven-lap, 70-mile Richmond, Virginia course.

Oh yeah, and he dropped a solid 8th in the individual time trial two days earlier.

Those of us at home had to follow the action via the @USACcollegiate twitter feed, but were treated to gems like this one:

I was on the edge of my seat.

Here's the report in his own words:

Friday was the ITT and I placed 8th in that which was good. Especially because I was not feeling my best. Yesterday was the RR. 7 laps for 70 miles on the 2015 worlds course. Complete with a cobble descent and a nasty little cobbled climb. I broke away solo with three laps to go hoping that some guys would bridge up to me but after staying away for 16 miles a chase group brought me back and then came the field. Soon after we hit Libby hill (the cobbled climb) again and a group of four guys went off the front. I was in the second group of about 10 guys and rolled with them the rest of the race, which was about a lap now. That group stayed together until the final K when I put in an attack at the top of a small climb. I got away with one other guy and I sprinted him to the line for 5th place.
It was honestly one of the coolest weekends of my life. Richmond was roaring for every race. Super cool venue can't wait for worlds in 2015!
Look at that hardware!
So awesome, Alan.  Congrats, again.