Friday, October 26, 2012

su cycling 2013 final kit design

Is it our best design ever?  Probably.  Are you going to be so much faster wearing this stuff?  Certainly.  Is it annoying when people make affirmative comments through a question-and-answer rhetorical style?  Absolutely.

We are gonna look H-A-U-T-E!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

General Update

So I think I promised a blog update a month ago? Even if I didn't I think it is long overdue. Anyways, here is the sorts of trouble we have been getting into since school started in no real specific order...

Iron Cross
Jeremy, Goates, Alan, and myself took part in this massive CX gathering. I had an awesome time, very chill atmosphere. Jeremy and Goates were our top finishers for this bad boy. Special thanks to the rest of the team who came out to marshall the event so some of us could ride for free!
Powerline trail climb on the 50k

Steve and I being weird at the first rest stop. Photo credit Kyle Irwin.

The rest of the photos are taken from here.
Some of our team volunteers THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

Because my bike is never actually fixed, even 2 minutes before a race...

Starting line, if you look dead center you can see someone. Looks like Alan?

Goates doing some climbing

TT Brain was there to play

I was all smiles, even after going face first of my handlebars on to a rock. I am still a bit sore. Totally worth it.

More of Goates


Jeremy on the podium!

Friday 'Nobody Gets Dropped' rides
(or NGD) These have really taken off over the past few weeks. It is the only time we have set team ride until spring. They usually consist of Alan and Jon clowning around. Chill and fun ride, Friday 4:15, Old Main. Be there!

Who has bigger legs? Alan or Jon?
Jeremy and Michael set up some homecoming festivities this year! Here is a photo. Cyclists on rollers really attracted a crowd. Everyone fell over, everyone had fun. We had one alumni show up, Chris T!

Fall Colors
Well its fall, soon it will be super cold outside making things conditions less than ideal for cycling. In the meantime we can always take in the beautiful fall foliage.
Kyle and Ben W.

See you on the road!

Monday, October 15, 2012

sailing ship in colorado

(I know, I know...  But who can resist such a lovely play on words?)

Michael Drager, Shippensburg University professor, sailing Ship at the USA Cycling Pro Challenge earlier this year.
Where has your jersey been?