Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RESULTS: SMSS Round #2, Pine Grove RR, May 22

I thought we had a great little group tonight (16 riders!).  And great weather too!  We just squeezed it all in before the rain (in buckets) came through.

Exciting finish.  Goates, Little, and Klein came over the top of Bendersville Road Climb more or less together (Strava segment), but Marshall was able to rejoin the group at the bottom, near the General Store.  Goates attacked on the first roller.  No gap.  And Goates was the first to go on the second roller.  This time it took a bit more effort, but Little began to pull slowly around about 30 feet short of the line, while Marshall sped around with what was, whether purposeful or not, a perfectly timed burst of speed to just pip Little at the line.  The three finished all within a bike length of each other.

But even though Round Here Racing bookended the podium, Gettysburg Bicycle handily closed the deal on the club victory.  An impressive showing, boys!  (All it takes, apparently, is a little calling out...)

However, in the overall club standings (after two rounds), South Mountain Velo Club leads the way with 40 points.  Antietam Velo Club is second with 44 points, and Round Here Racing in third with 48.  But all top four teams are within 10 points, which is easily gained or lost in a single day.  

Good times!

Apologies for startling Alicia Clingan on Shippensburg Rd.  There's just no good way to play that...  Had we shouted something out it likely would have been just as startling.  Anyway, thanks for being a good sport.

Also, thanks to the team-less Mike Garretson and visiting Wade Turlington for guesting riding for Ship Cycling.  Somebody's gotta light a fire under these students and get them to show up for the races!

Next month: King's Gap Time Trial.  Check the schedule here.

SMSS #2, Pine Grove RR
May 22, 2013
Individual Results
 1 Jon Marshall           Round Here Racing
 2 Tom Little             Gettysburg Bicycle
 3 Nathan Goates          Round Here Racing
 4 Rick Klein             Gettysburg Bicycle
 5 Eric Noreen            Gettysburg Bicycle
 6 Eric Diamond           AVC
 7 Jere Ballard           SMVC
 8 Bob Scheungrab         SMVC
 9 Christopher Woltemade  AVC
10 Joe Kahler             SMVC
11 Mike Garretson         Shippensburg University (guest rider)
12 mystery rider          Gettysburg Bicycle
13 Matt Tetter            Gettysburg Bicycle
14 Wade Turlington        Shippensburg University (guest rider)
15 Jim Hartnett           SMVC
16 Garrett Myers          Shippensburg University    
Club Results
 1 Gettysburg Bicycle                                    11 pts
 2 Round Here Racing                                     21*
 3 South Mountain Velo Club (SMVC)                       25
 4 Antietam Velo Club (AVC)                              32* 
 5 Shippensburg University                               41
 6 All others                                            51*
* When a team doesn't field a unit on a given day they're given a score as if they did have three riders present, but finishing after all other scored riders. 

2013 Overall Club Standings (after two rounds)
 1 SMVC                                                  40 pts
 2 AVC                                                   44
 3 Round Here Racing                                     48
 4 Gettysburg Bicycle                                    50
 5 Shippensburg University                               76 
 6 All others                                            90