Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Support Vehicle

Today Rider Big E was testing out our new support vehicle for ship cycling.

tnr 04.28.09

I was surprised to have only eight riders at the tuesday night races yesterday. I thought it was the weather that was keeping people away, but what excuse could there have been yesterday? (A: finals, papers, work, Kuwait, Sunday races, assorted whatevers...)

Congrats to Jon for taking both the points and overall win again this week. After launching my attack on the third ride up the Strohm Road climb, only Jon was able to maintain contact. We quickly built a sizable lead, then I flatted rounding the Walnut Dale/Whitmer corner (a rock, or something, took a sizable chunk from my rear tire) and Jon was able to hold off the charging hordes (the inestimable Rider Big E, tt stud Brian Hopkins, mtb superboy Matty Miller, McChop-A-Lot, Co-dee double-you, and Dan the pabikeracing man) for the remaining lap and a half.

Anyway, we had a great ride yesterday. Thanks, Dan & Brian, for coming out and supporting.


Spring semester is over but the tuesday night races will continue. We've enough students sticking around the area to make a core group, they're all interested, and we want you to come ride with us. Course stays the same. Time moves to 6pm. See you next Tuesday.

Intervals suck. Race your way into shape. Join us for the tnr.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

85 Hot Miles

I decided to take Matt up on his offer for an 80+ mile ride yesterday. Conroy also decided to come along for at least part but then decided to do the entire thing with us. The scenery was great but the hot temperatures made it a little more difficult than expected. We conquered three giant climbs. On the third climb I suggested we don't take the truck route on 641 but the regular route. It sounded fun because I had never gone up that way before but we ended up paying for it. It was by far the hardest climb I've ever done. It was good training and now nothing at Penn State can look or feel that bad. I ended up taking my girlfriend out later that day for another 1o miles so I got around 95 miles in yesterday which is well over my past max for one day. I have some sweet pictures of the ride but I'll put those up later.

Monday, April 20, 2009

su youth bike rodeo a success!

Indeed (see pictures in the post below).

A big thank you to all the kids who grabbed their bikes and came out to play Friday afternoon. Helmets were adjusted. Bicycles were repaired. Saddles were raised. Training wheels (!) were removed. Brakes were tested. Obsticle courses were negotiated. And kids had fun. (So did I.)

Thank you also to our sponsors (see panel to the right), the Shippensburg Area EMS for rolling out their new rig and giving us all tours, and the Vigilent Hose Company for use of their bread truck and 1001 traffic cones.

Finally, congratulations to all the students of the SU Cycling Team for putting on a fine event. For those that missed it, you really did miss out. It was a lot of fun. But you'll have another chance! Round two, coming in September, will be bigger, better, and even more fun. Get excited.

spring '09 su bike rodeo - PICS!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Im registered for soyoco this weekend...Cant wait! Weather is looking great!

While we were riding today, I was telling the guys about a site that seems to have to killer deals on bike parts and apparel. Everything seems to be atleast 50% off. They feature an item for a certain amount of time then switch to another.....really wish I had some extra cash to

If you like to ski theres a similar site at

others are.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

su youth bike rodeo this friday

For Immediate Release:

Shippensburg University Cycling Team Announces Youth Bike Rodeo

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania -- April 14, 2009 -- On Friday, April 17, 2009, students from the Shippensburg University Cycling Team will host the First Annual Spring Youth Bicycling Rodeo. Intended for children 14 years of age and younger, the event will include activities such as helmet fitting, minor bicycle maintenance, safety tips, and a skills-testing obstacle course. The event begins at 4:30 pm and will continue until 7:00 pm.

The rodeo will be held on the Shippensburg University campus, in the parking lot between the student recreation fields and the Luhrs Performing Arts Center. While there will be no adult specific activities, parents are encouraged to stay and participate. All participants should bring a bicycle and wear a helmet.

About The Shippensburg University Cycling Team:
The Shippensburg University cycling Team is organized as a university club sport. Its members compete in road and mountain bike events in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference ( under the auspices of USA Cycling ( The team is funded by the university student senate as well as the generous support of area businesses including Sunrise Computers and Electronics (, Historic Preservation Services (, InGear Cycling and Fitness (, and The team holds regular training rides, open to all area cyclists, in the beautiful rural farmland and mountainous terrain in Cumberland and Franklin Counties.

# # #

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Every story has 2 sides

Hard men? We were there, in fact, we started at 5:30 because no one else showed up, and I guess we thought you were not going to make it. Jon, Cody, my self and new guy Brian were all ready to race 15 minutes early. Actually, I got over 3 hours and over 50 miles in the rain and cold today. You three may be faster, but that doesn't mean your tougher. 


OH SNAP! Something Fun...

I don't know why, but I love this video... that sound just sends shivers down my spine!
Video isn't as bad as this, but please note the man flying through the air. Ouch.

the hard men of...shippensburg

I don't know what happened to the rest of y'all, but Matt, Aaron, and yours truly showed our mettle and busted out 20 over the tnr course.

So much for my weather predictions. It was wet. Cold. And way more windy than I had expected. A perfectly wonderful April day. Channeling a little Belgium spring goodness in the south-central pee-aay.

April showers...make for hard men.

(It took about 10 minutes in the shower afterward to warm up my hands and feet.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ear and Race Weekend

I forget where we were at but someone made a comment to Chop that he might be the only cyclist with gauged ears, welllllllll, Adam Hansen of Colombia High Road sports the look too. If you check here stop the video at 21 seconds to see them.

Watching some of the Mark Cavendish videos has gotten me pumped about this weekends race. It seems like forever since our last race and this weekend should be sweet. Dr. Goates said he is racing too so I think that makes at least four of us going down. I wanted to race tomorrow at the TNR but the weather looks terrible again. Two Tuesdays of bad weather hurts. Fortunately, Thursday looks nice, I think at least everyone racing this weekend needs to ride together and hopefully a few others.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

matty miller representing over the weekend

Spotted on Saturday at some race with a really long name:

Together with former Ship student Aaron Snyder and Ship alum Brandon Draugelis (and some dude named Kyle), the playground posse took forth for the day, with Aaron posting the overall fastest lap time (though I'm pretty sure he cut the course).


And then there was this thing I saw lying around...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Epic Ride

Just to add on to McChops post, this was one of my favs so far, great ride on an epic day!!!