Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tnr 05.26.09

Post-holiday rain and chill couldn't keep...well, it mostly kept people away, but a stalwart four did make the ride.

Martin, Big E, Eric A., and moi.

We've paid our Tuesday night rain dues... I predict sunny and dry through the remaining summer months.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mix It Up...

I decided since I had limited time today to RUN! Haven't done this activity for a while and I guess it's some new fad... Jogging or Yogging? (I believe it's a silent J)
*Will Farrell, Anchorman

If you want to mix it up and try out a new work out, I remember a version of this from track (Chop or Conroy may be able to explain better) & did this today:

On a Track,

slower warm up mile
light stretch
150m slow jog, 50m fast jog-run, 100m sprint (90% effort), 100m walk/slower jog recovery
*repeat above lap 4-6 times.
1/2 mile cool down

I did only 4 laps today and my legs are heavy and my lungs are burned out.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the tnr

In case we have readers that don't get my emails, you should know that the tnr is still going strong.

Start time has moved to 6pm. The riders bring the summertime heat.

Yesterday we had 11 riders, two of which were new faces (shout outs to Eric-the-Ship-alum-tri-guy and bluedog). The week before we were 10. So...there's regularly a decent group out here. Where are you?


I had to jet after a couple of laps, so I can't report first hand on the finish, but from my experience and firsthand accounts from two others, I've pieced together the following report:

First lap was chill (by order of the officials), until Joel pushed the pace towards the first sprint line, clearly hoping the rest of us would stay asleep. We woke up. He was quickly swarmed. The pace picked up. Several bodies shot out the back.

Since I only had two laps to play, I threw down what I had on the climb to the finish at the end of the first lap, and then again up the backside climb on lap number two. Granted, it was my last lap and everyone else's only second, but I was glad to see that I opened a sizable gap even on C-burg's Martin and sojourning Jon Marshall. However, they got it together and caught me by the backside sprint line, the points for which Martin handily gobbled up.

I left Martin and JM with a nice gap on three chasers (Rider Big E and the GC profs), but apparently within a lap they were caught, which set up a five-way sprint to the finish a lap later. JM pulled out the win. (Though there were reports of Martin pulling a cleat, which sent him off-balance into Eric's path, which sent him into the opposing lane of traffic with a truck bearing down. Yikes. Those cleat-pulling incidents are murder.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

time to pick it up

The '09 ECCC road survey results are out, and not a single Ship mention.

i iz ashamed...


Also, what's up with Pitt totally showing us up in travel? Those dudes are a good long way further from these races than us and they brought a crew to EVERY ONE?!

Ask for tires for Christmas... You're going to wear them out next year.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer Update (I'm bored)

Hello from Johnstown, it basically took an entire week for me to recover after Penn State. I've ridden a decent amount considering the rainy weather lately. The terrain here is really hurting though, I've lost my touch on my normal loops around my house. My friend and I did one of our favorite 27 mile loops yesterday which doesn't really have any big climbs but is never flat. According to his gps thingy, the loop still features 3,000 feet of climbing. Being summer now, I've started playing a lot of tennis. Its been killing me and I know I'm going to be racing tomorrow with some beat legs. I just couldn't resist the race and it had a cat 4 category which is perfect since I'm not really in the best of shape to do 3/4. I'm headed to ship after the race so I can pull the rest of the cycling club money out before last years budget closes. That means I'll be riding in Ship sometime Monday if anyone wants to join. I'll send out an email.

I've been watching the end of each Giro stage on Universial each morning. If anyone has some free mornings it's fun. Columbia High-road is awesome to watch and some of the young riders that have gotten stage wins fires me up. Edvald Hagen for Colombia is only 21, thats exciting. I don't really trust any cyclist that has been around for a while. It seems everyone has been involved with doping. Lance, Contador well way to many to list. It's lame. The young guys make it fun.

I also got some bright green handle bar tape that looks terrible (but sexy) on my bike.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I saw an article for Walz Caps on Velonews and decided to investigate further. I don't know if I'm the only one who likes a cap underneath my helmet (it think I wear one on 95% of all my rides) but if someone else does, these look nice:


I think I am going to get a personalized one. I think the Cotton Blend Red/Dark Blue one with "Shippensburg University" on the side would look good with this past year's kits. Just an idea if anyone is interested. Yes, it is $20 and you can find them on E-bay for $3, but it looks like quality material and the embroidery might look cool.

Hope summer is going well for everyone. If all goes well, I might make it down this Tuesday for the TNR, but I work 11pm-7am the night before so we'll see...

Monday, May 4, 2009



(The Start)

(The Draft)

(The Break)
(The Walk...)
(The Lead)
(The Finish)

A Must See Video

A friend just sent me this video, crazy stuff.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Graduation Gift

So on Wednesday afternoon Rider Big E gave me an early graduation present, a 45 mile mountain bike ride from his place through Caledonia, Mont Alto, and god knows where else I was kind of lost most of the time. We had a fun/grueling ride with a little bit of a mist in the air, but a good temperature. The bikes held up better than the riders, I was and still am a little sore and I know Big E was a bit too. Below is the map of out ride, hard to tell exactly where we went with it but you can ask about it more, and also the elevation profile. The elevation profile shows around 4800 ft +/- a bit but still a lot. So we have more bikes for others to ride, so I send a challenge to other riders in the club or not to join us!!!