Tuesday, June 1, 2010

starlight circle race #3 (may 19)

Well, as tomorrow is race #4, I suppose I ought to write something up about race #3, eh? But now that it's been two weeks my memory is getting fuzzy. (If someone else would like to take over posting results, by all means...)

The standout performance of the night came from relative newcomer D-Grace. He's been on a bike for what, maybe one month, and he's wholly capable of keeping pace with the leaders and even throwing down for the sprint on the last lap. Very impressive. Just makes the fun that much more fun.

The glory of the night, however, belonged to 2M, who lengthened his slender lead (being tied on points with dr goatsauce) by taking the sprint in a photo finish over Jonny M. The not-so-saucy goat limped in for third with D-Grace right behind. Ship track and cross country runner whose-name-I-can't-remember followed with an impressive gap over nighttime race veteran Jimmy S. (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone...)

Results from Round 3:

(1) 2m, 25 pts
(2) jonny m, 20 pts
(3) dr goatesauce, 16 pts
(4) d grace, 13 pts
(5) su track & cc runner whose-name-I-can't-remember, 11 pts
(6) jimmy, 10 pts

Combined point standings after three rounds:

(1) 2m, 70 pts
(2) dr goatesauce, 61 pts
(3) d grace, 39 pts
(4) conroy, 32 pts
(5) jimmy, 31 pts
(6) jonny m, 20 pts
(7) kelly flantastic, 19 pts
(8) su track & cc runner whose-name-I-can't-remember, 11 pts
(8) brad, 11 pts

Women's standings after three rounds:

(1) kelly flantastic, 50 pts

Next round: Wednesday, June 2, 9:30 pm!

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