Friday, October 22, 2010

2011 custom ship gear

Basic black (default kit colors):

Snazzy white (alternate kit colors):

They're bad pictures, I know, but you'll get the general idea. The "boat logos" on the sleeves will be straightened out so that they align horizontally with the cuff. And the jerseys will also be plastered with our sponsors, so be prepared for that.

What sponsor logos will be on the jersey? I'm glad you asked:

(1) Sunrise Computers & Electronics, prominently on the front/back, billboard-style beneath the SHIP banner.

(2) The Carlisle Group, one shoulder on the back above the SHIP banner.

(3) Mountainside Ski & Sport, other shoulder and back pocket.

(4) Wertner Signs, back pocket.

Want one? Get in touch. We'd love to sell you one.

(Custom bibs, wind vests, and winter jackets also available. Vests and jackets will have no sponsorship logos--just SU stuff.)

Monday, October 11, 2010