Monday, March 30, 2009

The Killers lead singer looks like my Bio prof.

Congrats to Joe, Ryan, Chop and Dr. Goates for surviving in the rain this weekend. I rode Saturday and Sunday but without the excitement of cheering fans. I did find a new farm that had sheep and some bulls, woooo. My bike always looks nice with some mud on it. Sadly, it will soon be relegated to secondary bike or hopefully to my girlfriend. I'm going tomorrow to test ride a Cervelo S1. If everything goes well I should be bringing one home by sometime next week. I got my Trek 1000 for Christmas in 2006. I've had no problems with it and for a first road bike it has served me well. If I hadn't got it back in 2006 I probably would still be a running my butt off thinking that something has to be more fun than this. Moving along,..... I'm pumped about the TNR tomorrow. The weather looks great and I took the day off so I can definitely throw it all down tomorrow afternoon.

Woops, that's a Downer!


Jon Yuhas said...

biotch, don't hate on running

and since when are you taking bio??

Jon said...

Don't worry, nothing serious, its my bio gen ed- Problems of the Environment. I believe the problem of the IUP environment is the lack of riding and excess of carbon emissions being spewed from your clubs mouths. Penn State - I'm so sure our school will score more points I'll pay for your clubs banquet dinner fees if you win.

Jon Yuhas said...

VO2 Max Tests

Prez: 56
Steve: 52

your trash talking turns me on

Jon said...

Haha, whatever. I had to throw it down. I was thinking we should try to get a blog going with all the Pennsylvania State Schools and try to set up some rides and maybe some sort of exhibition race next semester. Agree, ideas?

Jon said...

Oh yeah and my VO2 max was 64.5 last semester (before) I started training hard.

Jon Yuhas said...

that oddly makes me a bit happy... time to ride

Cody said...

please... VO2 = 50.4 before the training season started.

When are we gonna see IUP at a race??? ANY race????