Thursday, April 2, 2009

the friday NODoGR, 04.03.09

Pronounced "no-dogger" the Friday NODoGR, the Friday No One Gets Dropped Ride!

Leaving the hockey rink (on campus, the parking lot between the recreation fields and the Luhrs Performing Arts Center) at 3pm. The plan is to ride about an hour on relatively flat roads (but this is south central pee-aay, so nothing is entirely flat). However, depending on who comes the ride time and terrain can be modified.

Let me stress that NO ONE GETS DROPPED on this ride. So, anyone the least bit interested in cycling is invited and should come. We'll only ride as fast as the comfort level of the slowest rider.


(1) The weather doesn't look all that good for tomorrow. Fifty percent chance of showers. Rain cancels this ride.

(2) The modus operandi for the ride will be that you RSVP (by responding to by noon on Friday. If no one wants to ride, then I'll do something else.

Hope for clear weather and I'll see you tomorrow.


Last Tuesday we had a great showing for the tnr...14 riders!

Props to first-timers Becky, Andrew, Brad, and Jim.

Props to Chop and Josef for holding off (most of) the A group with only a two-minute head start. (If you hold off the A group chasers for all 20 miles, you don't get to ride B group anymore. That's the rule.)

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