Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tnr 03.10.09

I guess the dark skies scared a few off, but too bad for them...the six of us enjoyed dry roads, pleasant weather, and some lung-burning, attack-filled racing. Good stuff.

Here's the crew (Joe showed up for the photo shoot then flew the coop):

Congrats to first-timer Ryan (horn-diggity-dog).

I think we've had a total of nine (maybe 10?) riders at the tuesday night races. Now, if we can just get them all out on the same day. But what's up with all the no-shows? The time changed, but your attendance status didn't... I had verbal commitments from SEVEN riders that didn't show. You know who you are...


Somehow it turns out Jon and I are the only ones to finish the four laps each week (well, Cody usually does, but today had bad luck with a cleat, so had to throw in the towel early). Here's a couple of shots of Jon coming in with a strong finish:

(Jon, too fast for the camera...)

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