Saturday, March 14, 2009

btogs, a photo shoot

Some of the team was out being noble, helping with the spring clean up at the King's Gap Environmental Education dealy.

The rest of us went for a ride.

The weather wasn't as awesome as I'd hoped, but no rain and no wind, so it's hard to complain.

The crew, posing for their individual photo shoots.

(The cameraman will remain annoynomous...he may or many not have been there. Nothing can be proved.)

Route: Shippensburg to King's Gap via Walnut Bottom and Pine Roads. From King's Gap to Mt. Holly Springs, around the northeast corner of Michaux and then back again on Pine Grove Furnace Road. Over Big Flat on Shippensburg Road then back into town.

Around 60 miles total. Three plus hours ride time.

Next Saturday, University of Delware's Blue Hen Dual State Showdown in Newark, Delaware.


Jon said...

Wow, I'm upset I missed that ride. It looked like a good time and the pictures are excellent. I love good action shots. I hiked around in Davis and Elkins WV today and some tennis tomorrow but nothing beats the bike.

Conroy said...

Seeing you guys ride while I was picking up sticks was quite depressing