Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad Gravel

My friend and I decided to do a nice hour and a half ride today. It was nice to ride in Johnstown again but the roads are covered in gravel. We were cruising on a flat section and decided to pick up the pace, we then made a hard left to start a 1000 ft climb. Unfortunately, I didn't make it around the corner. I went down hard fast going about 25 and did a beautiful slide on my left side with my bike floating on top of me. I jumped up thinking more about my bike but everything looked fine. I think my body protected it, no scratches just a scuffed pedal and bent brake. My Ship bibs survived without tearing but my elbow didn't fair as well. After 10 minites of good strecthing and some yelling at the road we started the climb. My elbow is cut up pretty good, my hip isn't cut but it bruised quite nicely. I'll spin a little tomorrow and see how it feels. I'm just hopeing it won't hinder my performence this weekend. I can't look bad in the season opener.


Cody said...

can't wait to see those battle scars!

Jon said...

Hey I have a couple on facebook, they will be coming down pretty soon though.