Saturday, March 21, 2009

Domination in Delaware

Chop, Cody and I just finished dominating the ACME store across the street. Cody and Chop just killed and dominated a rotisserie chicken. I went with the eight piece Fried Chicken and batted six for eight so I will have a little post race food tomorrow. This is our second meal since four. We went to Bob Even's around four and also dominated in style. We all got the beef pot roast over mashed potatoes and a biscuit. Cody and I also added a large pancake as a topper. The waitress also took her fair share of generous comments towards me, but she was having a bad day so we accepted her kindness. I also just downed half a container of Pringles.

The racing today was brutal with some serious climbing. Around mile seven a long climb through the woods really took its tool on my legs. They didn't split the mens C field today so I was up against some new D1 opponents. I wasn't feeling that hot after the first lap so I raced as smart as possible the second lap because I was hurting. The group didn't really break up the first 17 mile lap but seven miles into the second lap in the hills I pulled up to the front and got in a 10 man break. We actually did some serious pace lining and it kicked my butt. I had a close call when someone flew out wide for some unknown reason taking my front wheel out, I locked the back wheel up and slid around for a little and unclipping it the process. I recovered pretty quickly and was able to catch back up to the break. I didn't have much for the finish but was respectable and pulled out fifth.

Matt and Cody's field was split into D1 and D2 categories like normal and Matt had his best finish of the year. Finishing in the lead pack and pulling out a seventh and scoring Ship some D2 points.

Our hotel is a fun Ramada and smells a little like sweat and greasy chicken. We just have the crit tomorrow. Cody and Matt race at 10:30 and I race around noon. Should be another dandy day.

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goat said...

I also have been dominating. A quarter box of Cinnamon Life and several white chocolate chip cookies just this morning.


Nice work, y'all. Congrats on the top-ten finishes Jon & Matt! I look forward to hearing more about.