Sunday, March 8, 2009

ECCC Opening Weekend

OK, Race Report for the Rutgers/Princeton races this past weekend.

We had four strong riders attend the opening of the ECCC race season, we had Jon, Matt, Cody, and Joe. First off I want to say how impressed I was with our accomplishments this weekend, I for one didn't think I had it in myself to complete 3 races in 2 days. For the ITT Men's D race with 122 riders we had Matt with 82nd, Joe with 84th, and Cody with 88th. For Men's C, sorry Jon I forget what exactly you placed but I think it was 40-something. The next race on Saturday, the Men's Crit: Jon raced the Men's C2 (45 racers) pulling in 4th place!!!, for Men's D2 (64 racers) , we had Matt with 14th, Joe with 40th, and Cody 46th. Then finally for the last day the road race circuit, for Men's D2 (52 racers) we had Matt at 28th, Joe at 35th and Cody at 39th. I think we can all walk away this weekend happy with what we did. We can also be glad that no one wrecked, even though we saw our fair share of them for one weekend, and the bikes held up with no problems during the races, except Cody right before the Crit with a wheel/spoke failure. I am excited for the rest of the season to see how we all do and cant wait to get some more time in the saddle....Dr. Goats, you where right...I got hooked.

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