Thursday, September 24, 2009

tnr (wednesday edition) #41(?)

When we started the Tuesday Night Races in January I intended to post a quick race report after each. That didn't last long. But in posting this one it suddenly hit me how many of these we've done. An awful lot of bicycle tread has been laid down on that loop of ours. Very cool.

Yesterday we had six riders come to play. Chop, Brad Q., Brian, Mike, Conroy, and the good doctor goatsauce. Conroy was sporting a new pair of hoops, Mike had his mass-start illegal clip-ons installed, Brian was back after a long hiatus, and Brad back from an even longer one. It was a nice group.

And a group that kept together really well too. This crew knows how to ride!

Things busted apart at the end of the third lap when the good doctor goatsauce laid down a furious attack (I was cranking a 53x12 for a good while, actually) on the gradual incline leading to the front-side sprint line. Having opened a gap, I played all my cards and kept up the effort on the finishing climb and then again on the backside climb. Behind me, Mike blasted away from his riding companions and joined me mid-way up the backside climb just as I was negotiating my way around a confused woman in a white subcompact that couldn't seem to decide where and on what side of the road she was driving.

The chase from Brian and Chop seemed earnest at first, but they must have shortly let off the gas because by the time Mike and I reached backside sprint line I couldn't see them behind us any longer.

Mike and I had a little cat-and-mouse going on approaching the finish, but once we reached the final climb I couldn't hold his wheel and Mike sprung away for the win. Chop led Brian in for third, followed by Conroy and Brad, but I'm not sure in what order.


Due to the quickly shortening days, next week the start time moves to 5:00 pm.

Also, I think we may run a slightly different course. I've got a just-under-three-mile loop in mind around which we'll do, say, seven laps. But the starting place will remain the same. We'll meet at the usual intersection, then ride to the new course. Give it a try. Then get a yeah or nay from the crew.

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