Monday, September 14, 2009

State ChampionSHIP Crit Race Report

Yesterday Mike, Jon and I ventured to Reading for yet another State Championship Race. The course was .8 miles, very fast and had a nice hill in one short section. The hill was not too long and not too steep which made it great for staying with the group but bad for breaking away.
Unfortunately, Jon flatted on the second lap of our Cat. 4 race and had to sit the whole thing out. Mike dominated the race. He spent the majority of the time on the front and even went for a solo breakaway, instantly opening up a large gap. Both Mike and I miss understood the announcer on the lap that Mike went for it. We thought that he had said 5 laps to go when it turns out that there were 9 laps to go and that was just too far for Mike to hold off the field.
He was swallowed up by the group but stayed at the front of the pack and after an intensely fast final lap he finished 4th. Now that gives Mike 2 top 5 state finishes. Last week he took 2nd in the road race and now 4th in the crit. He is also planning on doing the State Championship Time Trial this coming weekend.
As for me, this was my first crit as a Cat. 4 and my number 1 goal was to simply stay with the lead group. Although I would have liked to have placed better, I never got dropped and finished with the lead group in 16th place. I could have had a better finish because it was not my speed that got me 16th but instead my tactics. If I had played the game better I could have finished better but I am happy with my performance.
Since Jon did not get to compete in the Cat. 4 race he transfered his entry fee and raced in the Cat. 3/4 race about an hour later. He did not place very well but he was satisfied with the fact that he was able to stay with a group of guys that are at a higher level of competition.
Overall, it was a good day of racing and a satisfying end to a rather long season. We are all pretty tired, beat up and looking forward to a short break.

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