Friday, September 4, 2009

the september starlight criterium series -- race one

Oh, this was very fun.

And not just because I won (and I don't feel one bit bad about winning over a bunch of college students--seeing as two them can now regularly dispatch me with ease on the TNR course).

It's the perfect course. Fast, lots of turns, well-lit (considering), and absolutely no traffic. There's not even really houses around. It's perfect.

Anyway, your results from the inaugural run, September 3:

1. goatsauce
2. Mike Maret
3. Jon Marshall
4. Cody Wertz
5. Alex Krayo

And the point standings to date:

1. goatsauce (5 pts)
2. Mike Maret (3 pts)
3. Jon Marshall (2 pts)
4. Cody Wertz (1 pt)
5. Alex Krayo (1 pt)

Remember, points are awarded in reverse Fibonacci sequence (starting with 1) based on how many riders finish. So winning a race with a lot of people is worth way more than winning a race with just a few, but everybody who shows up gets a point.

It should also be mentioned that this was Alex's first ever road ride, on a borrowed bike, riding old-fashioned toe-clips. He did awesome.

The podium shot:

(Notice I'm wearing the yellow series leader's jersey. It's a yellow reflective vest, apropos for the venue, methinks. And it has a star on it, because the promoters are just that cool.)

A special thanks to Ms. Valerie for playing race official and keeping us honest.

And to our adoring fans:

And a final shot of the whole crew:

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Maret said...

There are gonna be goatsause tears all over the pavement after Jon and I get through with you next week!