Friday, September 11, 2009

the september starlight criterium series -- race two

Six this time. Six hungry riders descended on the east borough to throw down at the second race of the September Starlight Criterium Series.

A relatively calm affair, really. No one seemed too interested in risking time alone off the front. Except Chop. Going into the last lap.

While the rest of us looked at each other--playing out the cat-and-mouse, who's-going-to-chase drama, the cyclist's version of the prisoner's dilemma--Chop slowly pulled away. Jon's half-hearted chase on the back stretch and a three-up full-on sprint to the line on the finishing bit wasn't enough to reel him in. Chop won by less than a bike length.

Here's your 9/10 podium:

Complete results:

1. Matt Ciccioppicci (8 pts)
2. Jon Marshall (5 pts)
3. Mike Maret (3 pts)
4. goatsause (2 pts)
5. Matt Conroy (1 pt)
6. Cody Wertz (1 pt)

The overall is now wide open--anyone's game with a two-way tie for second and just two points separating the four point leaders.

The series leader podium shot:

Overall standings:

1. Matt Ciccioppicci (8 pts)
2. goatsauce (7 pts)
3. Jon Marshall (7 pts)
4. Mike Maret (6 pts)
5. Cody Wertz (2 pts)
6. Matt Conroy (1 pt)
6. Alex Krayo (1 pt)

The picture shows Jon in second, however a post-race review of the rulebook reveals that goatsause, by virtue of his one first place finish, actually owns the tie breaker.

The first place officials look for tie breaking purposes is fractions of a second from a time trial stage, but there [aren't any time trials in the Starlight Criterium Series]. The next method of making general classification ranking falls on the aggregation of stage placings. [Jon has one second and one third, goatsauce one first and one fourth, each of which totals five.]

The third criteria falls to total of stage wins, of which the [professor tops the Pennsyltuckian with one]. The fourth method of distinguishing general classification placement is the highest placing in the most recently completed stage. (Source).

Will the weight of the yellow (reflective leader's vest) be too much for Chop? Will Mike get rid of that dag gone argyle? Will the yellow cat live to meow again?

The answers, next week. Same race time. Same race place.

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McChop said...

This was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again this week. Jon is gunning for me and my yellow jersey and I am looking forward to a multitude of attacks by him. This weeks race should be wicked exciting and im stoked!