Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Every story has 2 sides

Hard men? We were there, in fact, we started at 5:30 because no one else showed up, and I guess we thought you were not going to make it. Jon, Cody, my self and new guy Brian were all ready to race 15 minutes early. Actually, I got over 3 hours and over 50 miles in the rain and cold today. You three may be faster, but that doesn't mean your tougher. 



goat said...


Yeah, so Jon and Cody have reported (in the comments on the other thread).

I'm not sure what time you started, but by my watch (cell phone) it had to have been at least two minutes before 3:30. I was there by 3:30, and Matt & Aaron beat me there. They told me you all were coming, so we waited 5-10 minutes before heading out.

Too bad...

Anyway, don't take offense. Y'all are studs. :-)

Anonymous said...

i gotta admit, jon is quite a wuss