Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tnr 04.28.09

I was surprised to have only eight riders at the tuesday night races yesterday. I thought it was the weather that was keeping people away, but what excuse could there have been yesterday? (A: finals, papers, work, Kuwait, Sunday races, assorted whatevers...)

Congrats to Jon for taking both the points and overall win again this week. After launching my attack on the third ride up the Strohm Road climb, only Jon was able to maintain contact. We quickly built a sizable lead, then I flatted rounding the Walnut Dale/Whitmer corner (a rock, or something, took a sizable chunk from my rear tire) and Jon was able to hold off the charging hordes (the inestimable Rider Big E, tt stud Brian Hopkins, mtb superboy Matty Miller, McChop-A-Lot, Co-dee double-you, and Dan the pabikeracing man) for the remaining lap and a half.

Anyway, we had a great ride yesterday. Thanks, Dan & Brian, for coming out and supporting.


Spring semester is over but the tuesday night races will continue. We've enough students sticking around the area to make a core group, they're all interested, and we want you to come ride with us. Course stays the same. Time moves to 6pm. See you next Tuesday.

Intervals suck. Race your way into shape. Join us for the tnr.

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Dan Daly said...

Yes. Much fun indeed. Race yourself into shape I say. Thanks for all the random bike riders who i happen to meet out on the roads. We seem to take the same route each time around. Well, i did find the short cut one time....