Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the hard men of...shippensburg

I don't know what happened to the rest of y'all, but Matt, Aaron, and yours truly showed our mettle and busted out 20 over the tnr course.

So much for my weather predictions. It was wet. Cold. And way more windy than I had expected. A perfectly wonderful April day. Channeling a little Belgium spring goodness in the south-central pee-aay.

April showers...make for hard men.

(It took about 10 minutes in the shower afterward to warm up my hands and feet.)


Cody said...
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Cody said...

I forget his name, I apologize, but Dave?, Chop, Jon, and I were out. Maybe we started out a little early. We all got there around 5:20 ish and were freezing and no one was in sight. Sorry.

Chop and I headed out on the 3rd lap towards Queen Street.

My toes were definitely frozen and everything was soaked, including my new shoes... *tear, sniffle sniffle*

Jon said...

I can't remember names either but I'll go with Dave too, we did a wet and cold 4 laps. I had him on the hills (except for the sprint up the hill to the finish) but he dragged me through the flats. We made it interesting for just the two of us. It's too bad we didn't see you guys before we started. We must have started early.

This guy is semi new to the area and heard about the TNR. I think he will be out again next week, so that's fun.

Brian D. Hopkins said...

Hi, my name is Brian, not Dave, but it was good to meet all of you and I look forward to doing it again in the future.