Monday, April 20, 2009

su youth bike rodeo a success!

Indeed (see pictures in the post below).

A big thank you to all the kids who grabbed their bikes and came out to play Friday afternoon. Helmets were adjusted. Bicycles were repaired. Saddles were raised. Training wheels (!) were removed. Brakes were tested. Obsticle courses were negotiated. And kids had fun. (So did I.)

Thank you also to our sponsors (see panel to the right), the Shippensburg Area EMS for rolling out their new rig and giving us all tours, and the Vigilent Hose Company for use of their bread truck and 1001 traffic cones.

Finally, congratulations to all the students of the SU Cycling Team for putting on a fine event. For those that missed it, you really did miss out. It was a lot of fun. But you'll have another chance! Round two, coming in September, will be bigger, better, and even more fun. Get excited.


McChop said...

It definitely was a good time, and I think that we had as much, if not more, fun than the kids did.

Joe Kopena said...

Guys, this sounds absolutely awesome.