Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who has goals?

So I was riding today and thinking how much I am ready for Spring as my fingers and water bottle were equally frozen, and I began to think that it is time to post up some goals for this season. The first race is coming up in about two weeks so the moment is just about upon us.

Goals for the season and beyond:
1. Do not get dropped in the first crit. of the season at Navy.
2. No just sitting in the pack and being satisfied to finish with the main field.
3. Attack during every race.
4. Win a road race and a Crit.
5. Have enough teamates at a race to work together as a team.
6. Move up and be competitive in the B field.
7. Have fun every weekend no matter the outcome of the races or the weather, etc.
8. Gain enough cycling fitness to significantly improve my triathlons.

Hopefully everyone who is planning on racing this year is thinking about some goals for the season,so post them up so I am not all alone.

1 comment:

goat said...

Pete, I love this, btw.

I especially love goal #3. Attack, attack, attack!

A pet peeve of mine: folks who say they're doing a race for training, then just sit in the bunch and ride conservatively.

I say if you're riding for training, get up to the front and ride like hell trying to explode the thing. Drop back to recover. Repeat until dropped. That's training!