Saturday, February 26, 2011

Navy Crit.

Well we had a great day to race at Navy. Sunny with a light breeze and 40's. I raced the C race which started out hectic on the first lap when a UMD rider went down on the front for apparently no reason and two VT riders immediately attacked while everyone else was slowing down. As soo as we got around the crashed rider we started hammering again, but it seemed like nobody really wanted to take a pull so I took several long pulls at the front. According to the countdown of someone from UMD we were pulling the VT riders in. They had a 15 second gap, then a 10, then a 7. I was taking another turn on the front pulling when I hit my pedal coming out of the sharp corner going onto the front stretch of the course and went down. I was a bit more upset about my torn leg warmer and handle bar tape than my brushburned leg and butt because bikes don't heal on their own. Anyway I lost contact with the chase pack and had to do some battling of my own with just 9 laps to go. I passed several riders on my own and then caught a UMD rider who was ahead of me. We were able to work together to pull back several more riders before the end of the race and I was able to outsprint him to the line as well which felt good. I finished 10th out of 25 and felt pretty good about it and confident that had I not gone down would have been sprinting up front for the finish line. Also some props. go out to Thomas Robson who got fourth in the C race and had a great ride.

Aaron raced the B's and looked very strong for the race. He also did a lot of pulling on the front which might have cost him some places on the finishing lap. He finished with the main field and rode very well.

I will try to post some pics on the blog once I get them from the photographer.

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