Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 tree & farm race - RESULTS

Last Saturday's Tree and Farm Race was a lot of fun. Ten riders put on their underwear of fortitude and thanked Lady Nature for the opportunity to get blown around a bit (steady winds of 15-20 mph w/ gusts around 35 mph according to weather.com). In response, she treated us to blue skies, mild temps, and...lots of wind. It was a good time.

As I said, ten riders started, six finished the entire course. JM repeated his victory of a year ago, having followed my move within the last kilometer on the stair-step uphill finish and then easily holding me off after we distanced the others.

The race for third was more exciting. From what I could gather, Alex and Pete bridged up to Carney as he tried to chase down Jon and I, then Pete edged Alex by inches in the sprint to the line.

Seventeen year-old Alan (on a campus visit to Shippensburg from Correy, PA) pulled in for sixth, the proud recipient of the Limp Chicken Award for the last-placed finisher.

Your 2011 results:

(1) Jon Marshall
(2) goat
(3) Pete LoBianco
(4) Alex Roberts
(5) Mike Carney
(6) Alan Royek

Non-finishers (but still awesome for coming):

Christopher Woltemade
Rider Big E
Chris Townsley
Cody Wertz

I'm sure the wind scared off many. Jon and I counted 17 folks who probably would have, had everything worked out, been there besides the 10 that were. But that's springtime in south-central Pee-Aay...

Half the starters; 5/6 of the finishers.

2011 podium.

Alan proudly displaying his limp chicken.

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