Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tnr, 1/25

We had a great turnout for today's TNR. Nine riders total. Last week's special Thursday edition of the TNR drew eight. And since not everyone who came last week was there this week, we've actually had a total of 12 unique riders at the TNR so far. That's something approaching critical mass.

And that's awesome.

So this is how it went down... A warm-up lap, then a lap of trying to ride a tight pace line. And then, on the third lap, we randomly picked a couple of guys to play rabbit, gave them a 30 second head start, and gave the rest of us about four miles of undulating terrain to catch them. (The terrain element is important, because if the road were a straight shot, flat number, all bets would be on the chasing hoard. But as the terrain is varied, keeping the chase organized and tight is more of a challenge.)

On the fourth lap we did the same thing, with two new rabbits. Three of the four rabbits beat everyone else to the line over the two tries.

Anyway, some pics...

Zach, Brian, Aaron, Tom, Jon, Garrett, & Conroy
(Courtney and I are missing from this picture...me, because I'm taking it,
and Courtney because she had headed home by this point.)


Garrett said...

I would have to be the goofiest looking one in the pics, haha

Garrett said...

also, zach managed to make it into all 5 pictures somehow...