Thursday, August 13, 2009

YBR/SMVC/SUCC Summer Smackdown Round Three -- RESULTS

Yesterday was round three of the Summer Smackdown--a 6.5 mile hill climb up Big Flat. Thirteen hungry participants (well, one wasn't that hungry) toed the line.

RESULTS (updated):

(1) Michael Maret (Ship Cycling)
(2) Nathan Goates (Ship Cycling)
(3) Pat Hankins (SMVC)
(4) Robert Snyder (SMVC)
(5) Brian Hopkins (YBR)
(6) Tim Rohrbaugh (SMVC)
(7) Joe Kaehler (SMVC)
(8) Jim Hartnet (SMVC)
(9) Matt Ciccocioppo (Ship Cycling)
(10) Paul Polensky (YBR)
(11) Rich Schaffer (SMVC)
(12) Chris Snyder (USMC)
(13) Cathy Snyder (SMVC)

A hearty congratulations to the South Mountain Velo Club for being able to field a full team for all three events. An automatic DQ for Ship Cycling and YBR in Rounds 2 & 3. Boo. Hiss.

I can't speak for YBR, but frankly I'm embarrassed Ship Cycling couldn't get four riders out to each event. It would have obviously been easier during the school year, but I'm still embarrassed. (Cody, Joe, Chris, Pete...we needed y'all.)



(1) A special bonus ROUND FOUR of the Summer Smackdown: The Team Time Trial.

Stay tuned for details on place and confirmation on date, but right now we're planning on August 25, 26, or 27th. Get your team of four together now.


If you haven't heard about it yet, read up here. This is going to be great.

Unfortunately, there are about a 1000 weekend conflicts in September, so I'm thinking we schedule for Labor Day. That's Monday, September 7. A few weeks before the real world championships, but I don't want to schedule over the Pine Grove Furnace TT (9/19) or the great cross races going on throughout September.

So save the date! You know you're going to want to get out and do something long on Labor Day anyway, make it The (Almost) Half World Championship.

You. Could. Be. The (Almost) Half Champion of the World!

(Special prizes for the last three finishers. More details to come.)

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