Saturday, August 8, 2009

Disaster Strikes at Deodate

The Deodate race today was on a really enjoyable course, with the exception of the narrow roads and guys who think that it is cool to ride 4 wide, and the weather was perfect. The Cat. 4 race started off pretty slow and, more or less, kept the same speed throughout the whole of the race. It was beginning to look like Mike, Jon and I had a pretty good chance of finishing this race in good positions. Especially Mike, because he needs as many points as he can get in order to race A in the next Collegiate season. Sadly, my race ended early in lap 4 when someone in front of me went down, taking out me and several other riders. I tried like hell to catch back up to the group but the crash had happened on the longest hill of the course and they were just going to fast. I finished the lap and respectfully bowed out with a big painful DNF. So goes life I suppose.


goat said...

That's too bad, man.

How did it turn out for everyone else?

McChop said...

we don't know for sure because the 4 field swallowed up the masters field and it turned into a multi-field finish. However, we think that Jon finished around 6th and Mike finished around 10th.

Jon said...

Updated Results for Deodate:
Jon M: 5th
Millersville Mike: 9th