Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Post

Before I joke around, I like 1a and 1b and I also agree with Chop that 3b and 3c are very nice as well. Mike's favorite is ok, but not a top choice of mine. As cool as black and white looks I think we need to have both a little blue and red on our jerseys. If it wasn't for Ship we wouldn't be making these so maybe we owe them at least a little color on top of our 13,000 dollars for a year of joy. Just a thought.

Just to clear the air, I'd like to inform anyone who is confused (cough, Cody and Mike) that all of the jersey designs that have the vertical Shippensburg on them look silly.

I still like 1a and 1b because they would look really intimidating at the line. (example) Thor Hushovd with his massive legs but more importantly his frightening black attire wins races before they even start. Who wants to pass a man who isn't afraid to throw you from your bike for a victory sporting a jersey as fierce as 1a and 1b.


Michael said...

Well Jon, my favorites changed to 3b/c after our little phone conversation since I hadn't seen any of the updates for the rest of the day. Chop also digs the vert. And your choices are the worst so far. I have to say after looking at them over the weekend I still like 3b/c the most and don't mind the plain SHIP across the front of that particular design, maybe it could be in a different font though. Lastly, I don't know what it is about color, but i like black and red, as well as black and white... I guess I just don't like blue in the designs, but I might have to live with that.

PS. nothing is sillier than being whipped into doing marching band and not being on your bike. Those band outfits are more rediculous than your top choices. I thought you wanted to race As...

McChop said...

Ouch!!! Them are fightin words. I think Mikes calling you out Jonny. LOL I do like the vertical "shippensburg University" but I actually like Ship horizontally better, as long as it does not have the silly box around it. I have to admit that I dont like either of your choices Jon, sorry buddy. However, I do agree that we should have some school colors but I would prefer not to. It only seems like the right thing to do. Hope to see you out on the road soon, where you belong, Jonny boy.