Saturday, August 22, 2009

this is the one I like

I like the idea of having two jerseys: each the same, but with the white and black reversed.

Obviously not everyone would need to buy both--we'd pick one as the main design, where if you're only going to buy one you'd buy that one--but for those of you buying two, you might as well have a little something to change things up a bit. One design for the shorts, though. A design that would work with either jersey.

Anyway, the kit posted above is my favorite. Room for one sponsor logo on the front (but not as much print as this last year) as well as room on both sleeves. Smaller sponsors can get spots on the back pockets. The collar things could stay or go. Or be solid red. But all in all I think the sort of understated chevron design is quite striking. And as much as I like 4b below, I think we pretty much have to at least make a nod to the school colors.


So, I know what Chop and Mike like. No one else has weighed in. Is it ambivalence or fear that keeps you all from commenting?

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Cody said...

Sorry, I'll comment. I like this one. Going with the 2 jersey idea would also be cool. I am also a fan of the first few on the previous blog. ? about the vertical writing, but they all look pretty darn good! Thanks