Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Millersville Road Race

I got 6th in my race. I'm still needing upgrade points so I did the 4/5 race. If I would have gotten a top 3 finish I could have upgraded to Cat three but I decided to really try a break away instead of conserving energy. I'm now four points away from an upgrade I believe.

I almost crashed twice in the first five miles. The field was ridiculously wild to start. Some guy flew into a curve way to fast and basically forced me to push off the guard rail to stay upright and then later I got pushed into the grass and had to bunny hop back onto the course. It pissed me off early so I knew it was going to be a good day. My girlfriend was watching so I chose to break away from the field on the hill that she was at the top of. I was able to solo for about 3 miles or so. It felt grand, it wasn't that long but it was fun.

The sprint at the end was crazy. I was beat so I attacked on the hill right before the finish to open up some room for me. About 100 meters from the finish 5 guys passed went by then BAM!!! I heard like three cracks and then my back wheel got thrown out but I saved it and kept sprinting. I think I was the last guy to survive and everyone else behind me went down. All the injuries were pretty minor but there was a lot of bloody bodies.

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