Monday, June 22, 2009

Cargus Criterium

Well since it was fathers day I decided to race not once but twice! I drove out to Lancaster teammate-less at 7a.m. It wasn't too early but I couldn't sleep the night before. I've been getting better at sleeping and not getting to hyper but Saturday night I tossed and turned for hours. Finally a late night game of NHL 07 at 1:00am settled me down (I lost). Now to the racing- Game plan for 3/4 race-sit in pack and maybe get in a break late
4/5 race- shut-down break aways

9:50- 3/4 race - Started nice, jockeyed up well to top 20 out of a 60+ field. Around lap five a break started to form, I hammered away and got in it, soon caught. Another break forms I hammer up to it, soon caught again. By lap 10 I was already spent, I again failed to even come close to following my plan. I'm still to immature for the 3/4 category. A nice break formed by lap 15 or so and I just sat in the group and that's where I finished.

1:30ish - 4/5 race- I sat under a tree and watched the older gentlemen race as well as all the Cat 4/5 racers warm up. I was out of it and warming up wasn't on my mind. I lined up and found the guy who chewed me out the last crit I did. I was very pleased because I love singling someone out like that. The race started and I immediatly sat on his wheel. I uttered a few words so he remembered me, it was way to much fun. Then he got in a two man break a few laps in. I bridged easily and brought the field with me. His team shot off two other men and I marked each attack. When I get super competive I seem to lose all feeling so luckily the pain from the 3/4 race went away. Anyways, last lap, I sat in on the nameless mean man. He tore off the front with one other guy. This time I made a wonderful decsision not to go with him because I was determined for a field sprint. Going into the last turn I got boxed in pretty well and I was nervous he was going to win, I pushed my way through and had a huge spring up the last straight and passed a lot of people including the mean man. I got fourth and missed second by a hair. I had a ton of fun in this race. I also won 40 bucks --- party. Now I'm looking forward to the TNR and another uphill sprint!

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