Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1st Official Summer TNR Challenge

It is a sad day but I believe I will be missing the TNR tomorrow. This is a formal challenge to anyone who would like to beat me. I have not lost in a long time and I believe this would be a good week to develop some tactics to defeat me. Just don't forget, I have no weaknesses. LETS GO SHIP!!!

oops: This is wild


Cody said...

Well I disagree... Jon, your calves were looking a little weak the last time I was down. Hope they don't explode during "launch take-off" as Big E would say. ha ha. BTW- That looked like a heck of a drop for Schleck on that crash, he's a lucky man.

McChop said...

I do love a challenge. I accept. LOL As i keep getting better, I am going to have to team up with the Goat and together we will bring you down. LOL Happy Hunting.