Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer Update (I'm bored)

Hello from Johnstown, it basically took an entire week for me to recover after Penn State. I've ridden a decent amount considering the rainy weather lately. The terrain here is really hurting though, I've lost my touch on my normal loops around my house. My friend and I did one of our favorite 27 mile loops yesterday which doesn't really have any big climbs but is never flat. According to his gps thingy, the loop still features 3,000 feet of climbing. Being summer now, I've started playing a lot of tennis. Its been killing me and I know I'm going to be racing tomorrow with some beat legs. I just couldn't resist the race and it had a cat 4 category which is perfect since I'm not really in the best of shape to do 3/4. I'm headed to ship after the race so I can pull the rest of the cycling club money out before last years budget closes. That means I'll be riding in Ship sometime Monday if anyone wants to join. I'll send out an email.

I've been watching the end of each Giro stage on Universial each morning. If anyone has some free mornings it's fun. Columbia High-road is awesome to watch and some of the young riders that have gotten stage wins fires me up. Edvald Hagen for Colombia is only 21, thats exciting. I don't really trust any cyclist that has been around for a while. It seems everyone has been involved with doping. Lance, Contador well way to many to list. It's lame. The young guys make it fun.

I also got some bright green handle bar tape that looks terrible (but sexy) on my bike.

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