Friday, May 1, 2009

Graduation Gift

So on Wednesday afternoon Rider Big E gave me an early graduation present, a 45 mile mountain bike ride from his place through Caledonia, Mont Alto, and god knows where else I was kind of lost most of the time. We had a fun/grueling ride with a little bit of a mist in the air, but a good temperature. The bikes held up better than the riders, I was and still am a little sore and I know Big E was a bit too. Below is the map of out ride, hard to tell exactly where we went with it but you can ask about it more, and also the elevation profile. The elevation profile shows around 4800 ft +/- a bit but still a lot. So we have more bikes for others to ride, so I send a challenge to other riders in the club or not to join us!!!

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McChop said...

Sounds like a sweet ride dude! How was graduation?